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We are well on our way towards the second half of the year and life just cannot get better. Can it? Some have accused me of forgetting them now that I have my little Izumio business up and running but it is absolutely not true. I only have 24 hours in a day and in those hours, I am the Mother, wife, chef, driver, house cleaner, laundrette manager, kids entertainer, grocery shopper and life helper. Oh, and I also run a blog and several Facebook groups. In between managing the household chores and kids wellbeing, I give half of myself to those who need me. Mostly women who want to do something for themselves but I am traveling a journey with all my terminal patients too. Whilst some people choose to complain about their lives (or others), some are just wishing they had another day or another week to live. It is all about perspective. I cannot save the world. Of course not. But I certainly want to contribute to it’s betterment. If everyone did just a little bit, we could really do this. Unfortunately not everyone is into helping others on such a large scale, so we trudge on and fight the war for a better world. I run my life my way and you run yours your way. I don’t judge you, please do not judge me.

Apart from my 400 patients seeing improvements in their health from Izumio and Super Lutein, I am also working towards helping some women earn a regular, stable income from doing this business. It doesn’t happen overnight of course, but with my guidance, everyone can build a passive income stream with this meaningful business in many various ways (if you are truly interested, ask me. Find out. No action means no change). Instead of just blocking out the MLM stigma, ask yourselves why you would not grasp an opportunity so amazing? Nobody is being a pushy MLM sales person here. I would seriously frown upon it. Nobody is lowering themselves akin to a perceived (whatever YOUR reduced perception is) door to door salesman, insurance agent or unit trust agent. I would seriously frown upon that too because if you are doing this business that way, then you have seriously not gotten it at all.

A man who earns RM2 million and above annually from oil palm plantation profits does not need the money to do this ‘MLM’ business (Please ask for verifications if you would like some but be reminded that it works both ways. I show you mine, you show me yours. Fair?). A lady who already has several Porsches in her driveway and a few Rolexes in her dressing room also does not need the money to do an ‘MLM’ business. I for one, am not rich comparatively, but also do not have to do this. Why do I do it then? I could just go back to being a Stay-At-Home-Mom and entertain my kids every other day and do the school run and cook and clean. I would probably have to scrimp on buying a few handbags but hey, I can adapt.

Some people just don’t get it. But I cannot help them if they refuse to change their mindset and continue thinking about Izumio as an ‘MLM’ business and as a stigma. Just last week, 3 people begged me for Izumio and Super Lutein urgently because their family members had to be rushed to the hospital for various reasons. The thing is, I have advised these 3 people to start on the Izumio regime months ago knowing how ill their various family members already are. But people are such that only when push comes to shove will they take the plunge. Not smart. It could really be your own mother for father or God forbid, kid who gets critically ill one day. Any day. Why wait till then knowing that the products truly prevent strokes and critical illness? Plus I do not like to drop my entire life just to deliver products to the hospital urgently at whim. I only want to help those who help themselves. I am not a free charity. I am tired of expectations. A really good friend of mine told me to stop. Because when I help others, everyone expects me to be the life saviour. And the moment I don’t, just for one bloody day, I suddenly become the bad guy tenfold.

For now, I will just get on with it and do my own thing at my own pace. Whose loss is it if you mock Izumio? I see an opportunity and I am out to grab it. I could really make a bigger difference in this world and I WANT to do just that. If you don’t, that is up to you. But please don’t go knocking my business or judge before you even know what exactly it is about. Because you do want to have the last laugh, don’t you?

I just found out that even a Single Mom with cancer with a critically ill child gets hate mail. Are you serious? So many bitches with just too much time on their hands seriously!!! I will FIGHT for people like this to not get bullied by the masses. It infuriates me to no end that people out there could be so cruel but it really is true. I myself have experienced the wrath of bitchy women. Urgh.

Another thing that pisses me off is people who keep taking and taking and taking and not giving. Come on, let’s have some two-way traffic shall we? Do I look like Santa Claus?

*takes a deep long breathe*

On to my new fantastic discoveries then. My apologies that I had to start on a whinge.

We were invited to have breakfast at Les Deux Garcon last Sunday and it was the most glorious breakfast of my life. Hidden in Taman Desa behind the fire station of all places lies this very small bakery that makes the BEST croissants in ALL of Kuala Lumpur.



Croissant and French Loaf for close to nothing. Great value for money as opposed to my Mandarin Oriental croissant basket.


Breakfast was perfect. Absolutely perfect.



They serve Illy Coffee.




Their many accolades on the wall…..




This passionfruit or was it pumpkin cake was divine.



Even better than that supposed REAL FRENCH bakery in Hartamas that just smells of cockroaches. Abbreviated as LDG, Les Deux Garcon serves a scrumptious breakfast from England, Sweden, France, America, and even Italy! Coffee was good (illy) and cakes were better! Never mind that they cost a bomb, I kept saying only Royalty could eat cakes like this but they were seriously gourmet and you just needed to have THAT kind of palate to be able to appreciate them. The breakfast was high quality and even the bread was perfect with walnuts and fruit. Everything. Everything……about the place was perfect. I even wondered if they sold frozen croissants so I could heat them up myself at home. The only setback was their location though I hear they have the very same branch in Bangsar that may or may not serve breakfast. I must go check them out again. We were seriously in HEAVEN that Sunday morning, all 8 of us.

Macadamia Heaven. OMG. I usually stay away from new flavoured cakes but these cakes were just divine.



Of course we had to order all right? LOL!




Even the Swedish muesli was good. LOL!







Another new fantastic discovery I made is headway with my Izumio business. Where others frown upon the power of the products, I am making headway with hmmm…..should I mention the Ministry? OK, looking at things politically, perhaps not. But yeah, I am now confident about taking on a hall full of oncologists. I may not be a scientist and I may not have a medical degree let alone a specialists degree, but my products are working and my patients are happy. So why not you, Mr Doctor, do the scientific experiments yourselves and work out the science while I be on my way to help more people.

*siaran tergendala*

I have noticed that I do ramble on quite a bit these days, huh? I think it is old age!! It took me 2 hours to write the above and now I have to go out!!! To be continued till I am free to touch my lovely Apple again! No, I am not Gwyneth.

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