My virgin presentation


Today, I gave my first ever presentation to an adult audience that included an ex-United Nations representative and a medical Doctor from the Ministry of Health. Thank GOD I didn’t know who they were till way after or I would have just fainted.

I am never one to go in public to speak. I just cannot do it and have always shied away from being in such a position. Despite being in a high corporate position before, can you believe it? I can do one to one or talk to 2-3 people but put me in front of a big crowd and I’d rather just resign and go home to my teddy bears. But this had to be done, so I called upon an experienced public speaker to help me with some tips and today I freaking did it!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, G, for instilling that oomph in me. I really needed it as it gave me the force to make it happen. And now I’m on fucking cloud nine!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Speaking to the trainer gave me a lot more confidence because I was not sure what to say and she gave me ideas and options which was fantastic because coming from a trained experienced speaker, I was comfortable with her advice!

Before the presentation I was hyperventilating with a booming pulse and I started gasping for air wishing the ground would just swallow me and I could avoid this yet again. But a part of me also really wanted to nip this in the bud once and for all, and I think that because this is my own business, the desire to overcome a hurdle becomes greater? In the past, I made millions for my employers. All my life. One day I woke up and decided, hey, if I can make millions for my employers, why am I not just doing it for myself? But heck, if I cannot even do public speaking then how??? MUST LEARN!!! DO OR DIE!!!

So I did. I secretly visualised that I was talking to my late mother and suddenly I was very relaxed, didn’t stutter, didn’t speed, didn’t fuck up. I nailed it. Not necessarily perfect, but yes, way above what I thought I was capable of. My criticism of myself was that I am too freaking fat. Like so fat that the stage would break kind of fat so I really, REALLY need to lose tons of weight; and the fact that my hair was so long and messy. Next presentation (Oh yea, I have my Mojo now!), I will put my hair up in a neat manner and perhaps remove my blinking glasses that I kept fiddling with as it kept dropping off my flat nose. DANG!!! Where’s your beautifully perfect nose, Ma, when I need it?

Whatever obstacle lies ahead of you in life, just do it. Thrash it and get over it. You can do it. I did.

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