My sweet daughter, T2

My sweet daughter, T2, presented a hand made notebook to me yesterday. After hearing the Hubs scolding me about how bad I am at managing my finances and not trusting me with managing my Izumio business (tsk-tsk, so little faith!), she took the initiative to staple some small pieces of paper together small enough to fit into my wallet like a little 555 booklet as the Hubs always, ALWAYS reminds me to do. On the front page, she wrote her name and drew a blue snowflake and at the back, she wrote T2 loves Mummy then drew a heart and a star representing T2 and Mama and at the bottom, wrote From T2.


I was so touched!!!!!

Then she continued to advise me that with this little notebook, I should write down anything at all that I wanted to, such as how many Izumio boxes I delivered today, or how much money I got from that Aunty, or even what I did with her for the day and my feelings for the day. Wow!!! She understands the concept of keeping a journal!! So cute la!!!

This girl is a little charmer. Whenever she can sense that I am annoyed at something, she will quickly come up with a joke or say something funny that she knows will guarantee to get a laugh out of me. Now, is that being smart or manipulative? I am often being accused of being manipulative by my haters. Hmmm. As my BFF once told me after marrying her boyfriend’s friend, if you’re stupid enough to lose your girl then you probably don’t deserve her. What say you?

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