My Over-Confident Daughter, T1

A few days ago, T1 excitedly came home talking about her day at school boasting that she fooled so many people on April Fool’s Day. At every corner she turned, she’d be pulling a prank on someone and she said that all the girls in her class did the same on everyone else. The boys however were too dumb to think up of pranks. Hmm. Or perhaps they were too lazy to think. Or perhaps they just couldn’t give a rat’s arse! In any case, is it something to be so proud of to fool another?

In my time, exactly when I was 10, I was at a Private School (Sri Inai) in Ulu Kelang and I remember vividly how we schemed to put a bucket of water above the classroom door attached to a string to be pulled when the teacher walked in. After ALL that planning and organising, nobody dared to pull it off! WTF!!! I was so game to do it but didn’t want to do it alone so ended up not doing it in the end. I was so eager to do it on that one particular teacher too whom I really found offensive because she happened to be the Mother of my Dad’s EX whom he dumped. She wasn’t very nice to me, of course. Chis.

T1 is also cocky when she wants to be. She will throw condescending banter at people she doesn’t like and speaks down to her sister quite often. Sometimes I think it is just her very critical nature being a Virgo but sometimes I just need to take a lot of deep breathes and pray for her to transition smoothly into her pre-pubescent years. She is so full of attitude these days, not towards me but to others who rub her the wrong way. She would never be rude to me, no way. She knows her boundaries but still. I have to remind her not to be nasty. On the flip-side, she is capable of being the kindest soul ever. Really, really, really. But only to those whom she loves and wants to be. She is very head strong but when push comes to shove, she will obey me.

For now.

What do I have in store when she becomes a teenager. Yikes!

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