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When I first started, I signed up my Husband and my Sister-in-Law as my first business partners because I wanted total control of my business staying within the family. I’m not sure it made any difference but it is nice now to earn  weekly income from myself and also from the other family members that I have signed up since the beginning. It is all a numbers game and knowing where to place the people and only my Izumio Guru will be able to teach you that, how to maximise your earning potential by playing this numbers game.

In my 2nd month, I think I signed up a few more people and then by the 3rd month, these few people were signing more people and then those people were signing up even more people. It is so exciting that the team is growing below me and I do not even know how how fast or how far, and suddenly I have almost a hundred people in less than 5 months, out of which less than 20% is my own from my own efforts. I think that is pretty darn cool.

I have one girl who has only signed up ONE person yet we have placed 45 people under her already so she earns an income. We continue to place people under you as we grow because we are just that kind of team. You work hard, we reward you.

The ones who have helped me get to where I am to date include:-

1. Fabulous Mom of Three – British Grad

2. Fabulous Mom of Two – British Grad

3. Fabulous Mom of Three

4. Fabulous Mom of Three – Accountant at a Multinational Telco

5. Cheras Power Woman – Business Owner of several branches of an educational franchise

6. Mont Kiara Power Woman – Managing Director of a Medical Software Group

7. Melaka Power Woman – SuperMom

8. East Malaysia Power Woman – Chemical Engineer

9. Filipino Power Woman – SuperMom

10. …………..and the list goes on.

Please feel free to get your Izumio and Super Lutein from any one of my team members above.

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