Medical Updates Soon….


The time has come. Time has really passed by so quickly. Suddenly I am due for my heart checks again. Fuck.

The good news is that after taking Izumio and Super Lutein, I no longer get my attacks. The bad news is that I am still scared. I am still scared that the cardiologist will say that I will need to go for open heart surgery. Me, the biggest chicken on Earth who can NOT take pain of any sort. The thought of being cut up through my chest, sawed rib cage open with a real saw, heart stopped, fuck!!! TOO SCARY!!! I’ll just die, thank you very much!!!

But I have kids. And with kids comes complications. They need a mother. Hell, they only want this mother. They’ve told me time and time and again. Nobody else will do. Tough.

So we look to God. And we look for my late Mom who is sharing the same space as God. And pray for heart disease reversal if there is such a thing. I could be the first. Why ever not.

As for my colon, well, the pain is still there and I am not obeying Doctor’s orders to stop chillies. I have cut down though which is a big thing already. I am monitoring this, don’t worry. My heart is the more problematic problem. Chis. Damn heart.

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  1. Praying for that little big heart to be ok. Love you.

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