Living Beside A Jungle

Living beside a jungle has it’s pros and cons. Pros – it’s beautiful view, the cooler weather especially when we are located on a hill, being close to nature means witnessing the monkeys eating red berries, the squirrels chasing one another from branch to branch and the amazing array of birds that stop by.

The cons? Mosquitoes!!! We’ve had to mosquito proof our entire home when T1 was born and it cost a painful 11 grand. Why are Mozzie screen so damn expensive!!!??? The fuck I know. I think it is because we needed the frames to be powder coated back to match the original window frames. Sigh. Another con? We discovered it today…..

Our Mozzie net in the bathroom had a hole. It wasn’t torn per se but the frame had dislodged itself leaving a small gap for creepy crawlies to enter and enter they did. The 3 girls in the house screamed for what appeared to be the tiniest snake in the world. It was all of 2 inches. Actually, it was less than that. It was actually a worm. Honestly, how it got in, I have no idea. But scream they did and me? Well, I didn’t scream but I might as well just have. Because the bulu on my hand stood with total geli-ness watching the worm move sliding forward in its contract expand motion. OMG.

We called Daddy immediately. His first question laughing was, how big is it? He mocks us all the time and is evil because when he catches them, he usually chases after us with them!!!! How incredibly mean, right?!!!! WTF. I told him we could die of a heart attack right there.

Since he he wasn’t leaving his office at 7pm for us, we decided to kill the worm but nobody wanted to touch it. We tried water, it swam. Freak!!!!! We tried shampoo foam (since I was in the middle of a shower), it continued to swim. We tried Dettol Liquid Soap (not that we use it but the girls use it for masak-masak in the bath), it swam slower but it still moved!!!

T1 was shouting, “Google it, Mom! Google it!!!!”

So I googled it. How to kill a worm. So damn stressful because T1 would interfere, “well? What does Google say???”

It’s downloading, Honey!!!

“Hurry, it’s going to climb out or go into the drainer!” I quickly gave T1 a bottle of minyak angin to drizzle over the smallest snake in the world out of desperation. It seemed to work a little.

Google says vinegar!!!

I ran to the kitchen to grab my vinegar from the fridge but T1 said she thought the minyak angin was working. “It’s coiling itself now, Mom. Don’t waste your Tarragon Vinegar.”

Then T2 suggested, what if it’s actually Nana?

Fish!! What if it was indeed??? Suddenly T1 blushed in a rush of guilt and asked if Nana would be angry if it was indeed her?!!! I assured her that Nana would never get angry at us. Not unless we were destroying ourselves.

Living beside a jungle has brought us such drama that I’m not sure my heart can take it. We left the coiled smallest snake in the world for Daddy to clear. Heh. And made sure we were locked in our rooms when he did.

Living beside a jungle adventures…..

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