Izumio and Super Lutein Heals a Slipped Disc

Izumio and Super Lutein heals a slipped disc.

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You would never have imagined that Izumio and Super Lutein healing a slipped disc could be a reality but it certainly did just that for me and now I swear by this incredibly powerful antioxidant products, like really, really, really.

After attending yoga at 630am every morning for a month at Yoga Dynamics who were really good because they started me at the very beginning moving me up slowly and just when I was just beginning to love yoga, I had to break the daily yoga cycle to travel to Kota Bharu for the Chinese New Year and my month’s payment for the Yoga Dynamics classes were up. My yoga buddy suggested that we tried Celebrity Fitness when I returned as they had yoga classes too and membership was cheaper so off we went for a trial class together.

Bad move.

Firstly, the yoga male instructor did not show us the moves but merely talked with his mouth. Sure, instructions were pretty clear but I found myself looking around at the obviously more advance people around me as they were poses that I’d never even heard off before. Hello, I was merely a freshie and they were doing some serious strength and balancing moves that no way I could have done. I did not attempt to do them either fearing I’d fall flat on my face with my heavily imbalanced body!

In the middle of the class, there was a simple move where we had to stand on the floor with our legs straight and bend down to touch our toes, nose to the shins. Now that I could do, so happily did. Suddenly, I felt a force behind me pressing my back down into a deeper stretch. I’m sure this is a very common practice for yoga instructors but for some reason, something clicked and after that I felt pain. It wasn’t dying kind of pain but it was pain. Oops, probably pulled a muscle, I thought. I continued but as each pose progressed, the pain increased so I finally just laid down and did the corpse pose till the class ended. My back was too damn painful.

As soon as class was over, I hobbled my way to the car in agony and accidentally bumped into my BFF who was shocked at my kangkang limp. I told him, “Yoga injury….gotta get going as it’s really painful.” and rushed home. Thank goodness home was only 8km away, a 5 minute drive. But don’t worry, Izumio and Super Lutein heals a slipped disc.

I showered quickly with great difficulty as all I wanted to do was to lie down and not move. I texted the Hubs whom I was supposed to meet at the park with the girls (thank goodness, it was a Sunday) to let him know that I wasn’t coming after all and to sort them out for the day. I passed out in bed after that and a few hours later, I could no longer walk. Not only could I not walk, I could not turn my body from lying down on the left side to the middle and to the right. Every move was so painful that if I had wanted to move, and of course it didn’t help that I had a heavy body, was made with me screaming in pain.

I thought I was going to be paralysed!!!

That evening, I got T1 to tap my hips with timber chopsticks (my new pain relief method learnt from the organic farm following chi kung principles) and although my circulation probably got going a bit, the pain was not any better. The Hubs wanted to send me to the hospital but I was reluctant because the agony of moving to the hospital would have killed me. If I couldn’t even move in bed from left to right, how did he expect me to make the journey to hospital? I said, “Let’s see how I am tomorrow.” and quickly drank 2 packets of Izumio Hydrogen Water and downed 10 capsules of Super Lutein.

Mobility: Zero, could not walk, could not twist and turn, every move hurt, even lifting my right arm would garner SHIT PAIN.
Treatment: Tapping with chopsticks to improve blood circulation (LOL!)
Izumio and Super Lutein Dosage: 2 packets IHW and 10 SL caps.


Day One
I could still not move without pain but the night’s sleep had somewhat made me have more energy so I finally attempted to get out of bed very late at about 11am. The Hubs had gone to work and left the girls with me as they were still on CNY holiday. Being in pain, I asked T1 to sort their lunch and she heated up some leftovers (thank God we had some!) and sorted T2 out for lunch. I made it as far as the couch in a lot of pain walking very, very slowly and immediately had to lie down. I took another 3 packets of Izumio Hydrogen Water and 5 Super Lutein capsules hoping that the Lutein will lubricate the spine and slip that nerve back into it’s proper place. Even if it was psychological. Whatever to get the pain away!!!

That late evening, the Hubs had to help me shower (don’t laugh) because not only could I not bend down, I could not twist to the back and movement of my right arm in certain instances would zap a sharp knife into my spine. That night, I took another 5 capsules of Super Lutein and 3 more Izumio Hydrogen Water packets.

Mobility: Walk with great, great pain, still could not move left and right
Treatment: Tiger Balm Rub, not on area of pain but on surrounding areas due to swelling
Izumio and Super Lutein Dosage: 6 packets IHW and 10 SL caps.


Day Two
I woke up with a burst of energy (must’ve been all that Izumio and Super Lutein from the day before!) and realised I could walk with much less pain. Woohoo!!! The girls were still at home from CNY holidays so I decided to make it up to them by offering to make agar-agar and fry the ning kou that T1 (and I) so loved. I also cooked lasagna (something requested by T1 over the weekend which I failed to deliver) and fried some simple fishball noodles. I felt really accomplished that I did all that in my painful condition but hey, at least I could walk albeit walk in pain!!! This only meant I was recovering!!!

However, I was still getting spasms in certain positions. At one point, I dropped a bowl of the hot agar-agar but thankfully, only a bit splashed onto me (ouch!) but man, I felt like crying. T1 ran in to help clean up but I told them both to stay away as it was boiling hot. I hobbled to get a rag and very slowly got onto my knees to wipe the mess up, not entirely clean as I imagine as it was too painful to bear to be in that position for more than 5 minutes. I got the Hubs to do a better clean up later.

That night, the Hubs massaged me gently with Tiger Balm without touching my spinal chord but just around the entire area of pain which was my lower left back radiating all the way to my hips on the side. I could feel my spinal chord in a lot of pain, it was a swollen kind of pain, probably from all that standing. Pain was just throbbing everywhere around that area. I told the Hubs that if he didn’t stay home the next day, I would divorce him. Here I was in so much pain, there was just no way I could handle the kids or even myself and how the hell was I to recover if I was not getting any rest.

I continued to take 6 Super Lutein and 5 Izumios. He mumbled and grumbled and said he had to bring his computer back to reboot it to work from home, cancel a few meetings, blablablablabla. WTF. This man wanted me to die before he would stop work for me!!! That night, I still could barely shower myself and I just broke down to cry because it was so, so painful.

Mobility: Walking was barely bearable but still got spasms of intense pain, could not twist and turn
Treatment: Tiger Balm Rub
Izumio and Super Lutein Dosage: 5 packets IHW and 6 SL caps.


Day Three
I thought I was going to be paralysed again and wanted to go to the hospital but will you believe it, all the orthopaedic surgeons who came recommended did not have a slot for me!!! WTF again. The Hubs and I had a long discussion about what to do and he said we had to cancel our trip to Chiangmai as there was just no way I was in any condition to travel. My heart dropped. I couldn’t miss my brother’s wedding!!! We had been looking forward to this for months. And the kids were sooooooooo looking forward to meeting their bestest, most favourite Uncle and Aunty again. They might’ve wanted to see their dog more but heh. I told the Hubs, let’s wait and see. Izumio might work wonders.

And guess what? Whilst I attempted walking slowly, I suddenly had a spasm which made me scream out in pain and collapse to the ground!!! WTF!!!! I was SO ANGRY and SO FRUSTRATED that this bloody yoga instructor had caused all this unnecessary pain and I feared so much that I would never heal. Something we take for granted every day, simple mobility. It must be a lesson for me, I told myself, and prayed and asked my Mom to please help me get better because I really wanted to attend my brother’s wedding. Sneezing was crazy painful which also garnered loud screams. URGH!!! I would never wish a slipped disc on anyone. Anyone!!! Not even my enemy!!

The Hubs decision was to send me to the French Osteopath and so I saw this French lady Doctor (Dr Dominique) who was in her 50s, my first time with her and I explained to her what had happened. I could see that she felt so bad for me because her face grimaced in pain to watch me move in pain. I kid you not. Whilst adjusting my nerves, I told her just out of matter of factly for conversation that I suffered from heart disease. She was very interested and asked what exactly so I told her. She then suddenly stopped and left the room and after some discussion with MY HANDSOME FRENCH OSTEO returned with a thick, big coffee table book with large pictures of the heart. Wow. Talk about efficiency.

She then began explaining to me that when you have an aortal heart regurgitation, one should avoid performing exercises that required forward bending. Ooooooo…..really? Why? Yoga involved a lot of forward bending. Does this mean I had to stop yoga? She said no, not really, but you should avoid all forward bending poses. In fact, it is better for you to take up pilates, or just walk. WTF. Are you serious? 30% of yoga involved forward bending poses. Maybe 50%. Downward facing dog, hello??? My heart was crushed. Her explanation to me was that because my heart was already leaking oxygenated blood back into the heart, any forward bending position puts it in a position where it would leak even more and should someone press my body from the back even if gently, to the heart, it would be a big pump of pressure causing the blood to spurt and very easily cause damage to my nervous system. WTF.

The French Doctor was not surprised at all what had happened and thankfully, she was able to adjust me such that the pain was a lot, lot less. I could walk without pain after that but I could not lift my left leg and still could not twist. Getting into a high car was challenging as I had to scream just in order to lift the leg in. A lot of screaming this week. Even more than I scream at my kids.

That day, apart from the visit to the French osteopath, I slept in bed all day with an ice pack (for about a total of 6 hours) on my spinal chord (lower back) moving very slowly from left to right and back only whenever I really needed to. By night, I could already use my right hand and twist a little. We had my regular tiger balm rub and again downed 3 packets of Izumio with 6 Super Lutein and went to bed peacefully.

Mobility: Walking was painful but spasms were still happening, could twist and turn very slowly
Treatment: Tiger Balm Rub, 6 hours of Ice Pack and French Osteopath adjustment
Izumio and Super Lutein Dosage: 3 packets IHW and 6 SL caps


Day Four
I had wished that the Hubs could help me for another day but he simply couldn’t. In any case, I was feeling slightly better and could move much better. I could walk and I could drive (just about, although wearing the safety belt was challenging) but certainly I felt that the spine was getting less painful. I decided not to push it and got food delivery that day so I didn’t have to stand or sit any longer than necessary. All I did was drive out to get the kids from school and rested all day.

That night, I could bend down to reach my ankles but I could still barely twist. Man, you have no idea how hard it is to wash your behind when you cannot reach it!!! Sorry, TMI (too much info). I still had my tiger balm rub and drank 5 Izumio Hydrogen Waters and 6 Super Lutein capsules.

Mobility: Walking was bearable and spasms were much less, could not twist and turn fully but there was huge swelling at the spinal chord that I could feel, not a sharp pain, just a throbbing swollen kind of pain
Treatment: Tiger Balm Rub
Izumio and Super Lutein Dosage: 5 packets IHW and 6 SL caps.


Day Five
I was much, MUCH better and convinced that we could go to Chiangmai!!! Yippee!!! That morning, I rested and only got out of bed at 10.30am to drive to Cheras to pick the small one up from school. I was dreading the walk from the parking lot to the school but managed it slowly and got my girl into the car safely. Easy going day apart from the packing which made me extremely tired and suddenly I worried about my heart again because it was exactly this kind of tiredness that was a result of my heart condition so after doing the necessary, I had a shower and lo and behold I could twist and reach my feet! I was DEFINITELY getting better. Chiangmai, here we come!!! The Hubs finished off any last minute packing that I was unable to do and we slept that night very well and made it safely to Chiangmai. I must say though that the walk at the airport was taxing for me. Even though I could walk painlessly, it made me very tired so when I arrived, I decided to rest and not go out walking with everyone else.

Bliss. I have full faith that Izumio Hydrogen Water and Super Lutein vegetable capsules helped my quick recovery, something that would have taken anytime from 2 weeks to 6 months to heal, and something that my 3 friends with slipped discs shared with me in detail about their experiences; they were exactly the same but I healed the fastest and most amazingly, WITHOUT traction. All three said traction was the best treatment for a slipped disc and had the Doctors been available, I would have had traction too but it must be fated that they weren’t for me to see that I could heal myself without it. No hospital bills, no hassle to anyone (apart from one day Emergency Leave for the Hubs), minimal cost (RM250 for the French Osteopath) and zero cost for the Izumio Hydrogen Water and Super Lutein because I have introduced the products to enough people in order to consume it myself for free. Hey, if you want to heal yourself from a perennial health issue, you can too. You just have to rough it out during the first month (or if you’re lucky, a day) whilst the body detoxes and heals itself (things get worse before it gets better) to be fully cured (or at the very least have your symptoms improved by leaps and bounds to almost being cured), then Izumio and Super Lutein is the way to go. It is unlike ANY other water product that messes with the acidity and alkalinity of your body. Izumio and Super Lutein work at cellular level, this means they work on your cells at mitochondrial level. What better way is there to heal than to heal your body cells, right? It is from there that life begins…..

Mobility: Walking was OK and only mild pain felt left in the spinal chord, but I felt very tired
Treatment: Just rest
Izumio and Super Lutein Dosage: 3 packets IHW and 6 SL caps.

Izumio and Super Lutein heals a slipped disc


That concludes my slipped disc story. I am confident that as I continue to take the Izumio Hydrogen Water and the Super Lutein vegetable capsules, my cells within the spinal chord region will heal themselves and regenerate and I will be fully recovered in a few days? Weeks? Who knows? But I can certainly promise you now that every single day has been a positive move towards recovery. I can fucking really feel it!!! Thank you, God!!!!

Coincidentally, just as I finished writing this in Chiangmai, my Mom’s old friend who is gifted told me that she had just dreamed of my Mom. The dream started with Mom being unconscious at hospital and the friend in the dream told me to continue talking to Mom as she could hear me, then she saw Mom living happily and healthily at my home with me and my family, and then the friend went into a trance to pass messages. This friend was Mom’s friend who could always see and feel things and Mom would always go to her for spiritual advice. Anyway, her friend told me that Mom wanted her to pass me the message that she could hear everything that I had to say and to keep talking to her. She was happy where she was and was looking over us all, taking care of us and that she wanted me to know that.

Awwwwwwww. That just made my day. And again, Izumio and Super Lutein heals a slipped disc.

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