Is talent inborn or bred?

Is talent inborn or bred? It is both really. My natural talent is creativity. I got it from my Mom. If you needed a hundred ideas, I could come up with them. I am just usually too damn lazy to. But if you offered me enough chocolate, I would do it. That part of my brain is just wired that way. I am not good with numbers nor am I funny, but I can design almost anything. Just not necessarily a mathematical formula or a star chart from the galaxy.

T1, she is naturally talented in talking. LOL!!! OK, she’s also a really good ideas person always ready with several solutions to any problem. She is good at drawing too and making up stories, but not so good at creative writing. She says her hand gets painful when she writes so prefers just voicing out her stories. *faint* She is really good at coming up with ideas on how to get her sister to do something that she does not want to do and that is a real talent because if all Moms could do it, parenting becomes a freaking breeze. I guess that would make T1 a really good mother because she has all the caring and nurturing qualities too. She’s such a sensitive lass, my girl. She has been getting straight A’s at school despite taking a year out last year and despite being weak at Math the previous year, has managed to stay ahead by being persistent and diligent in completing her school work. I am so very proud of her. She’s a really good girl. My best friend.

T2, on the other hand, is a feisty little chilli padi. Although she’s a very sensitive girl who gets hurt easily, she can make my blood boil so hot till I feel like throwing her out the window many a time. Still. Even at 5.5 years old. But to be fair, she is getting better. Ever since she started school, she’s had to tow the line so I think she realises that there are boundaries that even her as a princess just cannot cross. Hahaha. Kudos to Mrs Raj. T2 is a natural singer, dancer and performer. She is very good in memorising song lyrics, sings to tune and dances like a pro. She takes time to warm up to strangers but once she is all warmed up, can perform and talk like an old grandmother. She is such a spark of energy and humour and brings joy to my days every single day. But can too make me lose my patience. Her reading ability is picking up and now she can memorise 30 words of spelling and ejaan every week. Something I really celebrate because I never expected her to do it due to her slower reading development as compared to T1 who started reading at 3.

It goes to show that both girls, have their inborn talents yet if they put their minds to something, they can achieve it too. It is the same for anyone. If you decide you will do something, nothing can stop you except yourself so give yourself a chance. If you really want to do something, get out of your comfort zone and just do it!

Look at Madonna. She’s not exactly a good singer at all yet she’s managed to top the charts many a time in history. Persistence and hard work WILL get you there if you really want something.

So if your child really enjoys something but isn’t very good at it, do not give up. Encourage, celebrate, persist. And one day, watch your child soar in whatever it is that she was never very good at. It all comes from the self esteem that you build upon them. If you let them believe they can achieve anything, they can. If you believe you can achieve anything, you can too.

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