Is Rice Bad for You?

Is rice bad for you? Rice is the Malaysian staple, how can it possibly be bad for you?

I’ve been eating rice all my life. I LOVE rice!!! The Asian population, the biggest in the world, depend on rice for their sustenance. China, India, South East Asia, we all eat rice, if not daily, definitely weekly. So is rice really bad for you?

Well, rice is sugar. The moment rice enters your stomach, it converts into sugar. If you ate rice just 5 times a week, you are at increased risk of getting Diabetes Type 2 in your old age. It is high in calories but very little nutritional content. It offers a little bit of potassium being its highest nutritional benefit.

Because white rice is low in fibre, it is great for treating gastro problems such as diarrhea. So is rice bad for you?

A single cup of white rice (that’s about a fist worth of rice, my fist anyway. Small!) gives you already 17% of your daily recommended allowance (DRA) of carbohydrates. Bear in mind there is even carbohydrates in the vegetables that you eat, on top of bread and even some fruit.

So is rice bad for you? If you had to eat rice, it is much better to eat quality rice that could be brown rice, unpolished rice, mixed rice, red rice and such. The darker the rice, the healthier it is.

Unfortunately, rice is a grain and the latest research show that grains aren’t the healthiest things for our bodies. So ditch the nasi lemak, ditch the nasi kandar, ditch the banana leaf rice, ditch the nasi lauk, ditch the nasi kerabu and nasi dagang…….sounds crazy, doesn’t it? How will we EVER ditch rice??? Everything in moderation. Currently my family eats rice thrice a week. I plan all their meals.

Is rice bad for you? If you want to live longer and suffer less, the answer is yes.

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  1. Everything in moderation. To give rice up altogether is difficult. It is easier for me to give up pasta and bread then rice. I get tired of reading articles that say this is not good, that is not good for you. At the end of the day, we all will face the same end – death.

  2. My friend’s late mother was very healthy until a few months after she celebrated her 100th birthday, then she went into a coma starting from a slight cough to what doctors diagnosed to be pneumonia.

    Did not wake up at all but lived in ICU for 3 months fed through a tube in her nose to her stomach and then her family moved her to a nursing home where she lived another month in the same state and died one night with no family member beside her.

    I would rather have a quick death by eating whatever I want than living a long and healthy life until my body refuses to go like the above.

  3. I am curious… The Japanese eat alot of rice and yet they live the longest / have one of the longest lifespan globally? Hmmmmm.

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