Inspirational Stories from India

Last night whilst out with my BFFs at our regular joint, Fatty who is my long time BFF since I was 15 years old, reminded me of my purpose and how far we have come together. We have really gone through so much, the two of us.

Him, always being my rock solid supporter, me, always loving him for his true friendship and generosity in sharing his genius. For he is simply that, a genius. Whilst taking the mickey out of each other as we always do, he mentioned that he should hook me up with Dr Cletus Babu, one of his business partners in India.


This guy, Cletus Babu, started out with very little as a priest in India more than 30 years ago, today runs SCAD (Social Change and Development) – Helping Society; in bringing change to many, many lives in India. This guy now has international recognition and enough funds to retire a few lifetimes over but he only takes a meagre sum for his own sustenance and gives the rest back. Fatty works with him and has verified this fact. Yet, Dr Cletus Babu has haters. Just like Syed Azmi who has gone out of his comfort zone in making a difference to fellow Malaysians. He has haters too. I don’t get why people should bitch and bring others down.  Instead of wasting time hurting others, why not just do something positive and make a difference to another person’s life instead; or just plain shut up? I am nobody to judge but thankful, that in the bigger scheme of things, I will get a chance to meet Dr Cletus Babu one day in helping me to achieve bigger and better things. It is my hope that collaboratively, we can do something to get children out of cruelty in Myanmar.

The situation with children in Myanmar is much worse than people know. Nobody is doing anything. Not many people can nor want to. Not even the big guns like the media or the purported child supporting organisations. True story, as they have been contacted. But children are being used as pawns for self gain and are trapped to be used as slaves, soldiers and others. There are restaurants in Myanmar that house the kids in cages so they cannot run away. There are 8 year old children working as maids to high society as it is their culture. Many of these stories go unreported and unless you travel there frequently enough to get to know the people, we choose to remain in our cushy bubble.

This is a choice. And I have made it.

Cletus Babu used to teach children under a big tree as his classroom. Now he has many, many schools all over. He makes women buy fish from their fishermen husbands in a suppressed women society so that one day should the men leave, the women already know how to buy and sell for profit. Without practice, theory can only take you so far. Which is why I keep thinking how else we could teach the Children of Myanmar to fish. This is so real and so possible. My kids are now growing up alongside the Children of Myanmar. I do want them to continue this journey into their adulthood. By setting them an example to love unconditionally and infinitely, even to the haters for they need it the most after all, this dream is very achievable.

Get over to the SCAD website and read about some inspirational stories from India and some testimonials. Decide today how you will make a difference.

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