Hyatt Kuantan Hotel Malaysia

Has anyone been to Hyatt Kuantan Hotel in Malaysia???

We are planning to take a trip to the beach during the Raya Holidays and have decided to go to the East Coast as we have never actually been with the kids to Kuantan yet. Also, Mommy’s business is expanding to Kuantan. Heh. Insyallah.

I had to research accommodation and Club Med at that time is about RM6,000 for the 4 of us so I said forget it. I’m not spending 6k just to go to Club Med and T1 didn’t want to go either after all the stories that it was haunted. Hey, my singer Uncle and wife, lived at Club Med for awhile and my Japanese friend was a GO there for awhile too, so yes, we’ve heard LOTS of stories about Club Med Cherating. Besides, I’ve already been several times and it’s so old and dated. I really don’t think it’s worth 6k. So I continued to hunt for hotels and apparently the Hyatt Kuantan Hotel Malaysia is the best hotel in Kuantan!!!

But after reading reviews, they ain’t too good. DAMN! Furthermore, my friend who always goes to Kuantan says that it’s really not great. AIYO!!! You mean it’s not like Grand Hyatt KL??? Then why would I pay RM900+ per night for??? Someone please show me some updated photos and tell me if it is worth RM900 per night? Hyatt Kuantan Hotel Malaysia, you better be good.

All the Kuantan folk say that there is all there is in Kuantan though so we might not have much choice.

Oh, well. We shall see, won’t we once we get there. One man’s apple is another’s poison, so hopefully it is not so bad. I have enough hotel stays in my lifetime to make a good comparison just as I have had enough massages in my lifetime to know when a masseuse really knows what she is doing or not. Please pray for me that we will have a good Raya at Hyatt Kuantan Hotel Malaysia……

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