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In the past few days, I’ve noticed that the people around me have been in a rather bitchy mood and me, myself am feeling bitchy. Not towards everyone but just irritating people. In this people business, it is inevitable that I deal with people on a daily basis. Even if I don’t physically meet them, I am still bound by communicating in some form or other. I’ve noticed I get irritable more easily and all the people I am in touch with on facebook, are having similar irritabilities.


I can bet you that it is the effects of the moon positioning!!

I first learnt of this phenomena from a dear friend who told me that in certain days of the month akin to having your period and having PMS, the moon’s positioning causes a different gravitational pull on the Earth’s forces. This is turn causes the body to go through a different than normal status because our body is made out of 70% water and the forces are pulling us down so we feel more tired and irritable. It does make sense. If you’re curious, google first moon and full moon effects on your mood and see what you find.

My thoughts in particular today are about hypocrisy. There are too many people out there that make me cringe because they say such amazing things about a person in front of some people and then stab that very same person in the back on other occasions. Or bitch about a particular person to death, and then send them a gift. Like ??????? I just don’t get it. Why do people do that? If you like someone, fair and good. If you don’t, just get them out of your life. Is it not that simple? Oh. You have mutual friends. I see. Actually, to me it is very simple. You rule your own life and decide what your terms are. If your enemy is mutual friends with someone who is your friend, just decide and get over it already. Birds of a feather flock together. Period. The bad will either influence the good to be bad, or the good will influence the bad to be good. Either way, to simplify your life, just get rid of both. Why go through the tussle of worry? Life is too short, my dears.

Everyone deserves to be happy. Some people are not quite there yet because they have so many struggles that they do not yet have the skills to manage their lives in entirety. Some people pretend that everything is OK when it really isn’t and then go drink themselves silly. Some people are real and are just getting by and coping the best they can. Some are having it real good but are too selfish to spread the love. If you are in any one of these situations, ask yourselves. What can I do to simplify my life? When you do this, most often things will start falling into place. Get rid of what you do not need.

If anyone causes you any grief, just get rid of them. Do not even think for a second that there is something to gain. The pain is not worth it. I have seen people suffer because they need to pander to a Datin’s demands because she can give them more business. Forget it!!!! Do your business with your head held high with dignity and sincerity. Screw the Datin if she has her ass in her mouth and all the millions in the world and can give you a head start in your business!!!! Money will always, always come to those who are sincere and work hard consistently, and it is these same people who will give money away more freely as greed does not play a part in their bone and the hard work tells of a persons’ core values. It is the lazy, bitchy, want short cuts kind of people who never get far in life. They are constantly on a roller coaster of ups and downs, and experience the ins and outs of depression. They do not have their lives together and their husbands and families crumble due to their unhappiness.

Yesterday I watched a video about the missing tile on the ceiling shared by a very dear friend, Sheela, my long time blog reader. We were in the car when I played the video up for all to listen. Then I asked my Hubs. What is your missing tile? He thought for a minute. And when I asked him again, he said there really is none. That made me happy and then when I myself asked myself the same question, 2 things came to mind. My Mom (because she is now missing!) and my fat content. My fat content not because I am vain, because I am not, but more so because I know that at a fat content of 50%, I am at high risk of just falling over and dying. Yet, I love food too much. OMG, how I love food!!!!!

So that is my struggle. My BFF did it last year. With single minded purpose, she ate broccoli for lunch, she woke extra early to prepare her meals, then drive the kids to school before driving to work. Oh, I forgot to mention, she did a yoga practice before all that. Now THAT is determination. She was sick of being fat. So why have I not done it? It just hasn’t clicked yet unfortunately. I know that I can do anything I set my mind to and I have proven this over and over yet, when it comes to giving up food, especially glorious food, I still struggle. But when if not now? Would I prefer to die first?

Perhaps it is fear of getting more haters. That could be a subconscious reason. I already have haters because I am vocal and don’t necessarily rub everyone the right way. I recently wrote about International Schools and Government Schools on Facebook and it worked some people up. Perhaps I wasn’t sensitive with my choice of words, but know that I am never malicious and I would never intend to intentionally hurt anyone. Sometimes I am even innocent yet get dragged down into other people’s problems. I am the cheap scapegoat because I allow it to happen. It is charity.

Imagine if I was hot and had the perfect body, had lots of money and led such a happy life? I can guarantee I would have even more haters. As it is now, I am not allowed to moan. The moment I do, I get shot down for all sorts of reasons. I am luckier than so many people and have so much more, and that makes it mean I am not allowed to moan? Apparently so to some……

All I can say is that there are all sorts of crazy diverse people in this world. We just need to respect them, accept them, and embrace them. If all that fails, find your largest carrot from the wholesale market and stick it up their arse.

Who is Mamapumpkin?
Mamapumpkin spent 7 years in London committing crimes to gain her Bartlett BSc in Architecture. She spent 7 years as a Stay At Home Mom raising her children as documented in this Mamapumpkin blog since over 10 years ago and thereafter returned to the Corporate World stronger than ever. Her last job as Country Director of a British Railway Signalling organisation saw her getting ill with an aortal and mitral heart valve regurgitation and early stage cancer. Through her journey from working to not working to working again, she sets out to prove to all women that they can do anything and everything that they set out to do; as long as they have that fire of desire burning within and the drive to work hard. Even better with oodles of love, passion and integrity.

Despite being ill, she has grown a network marketing business from very little knowledge and experience in the otherwise infamously known MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry, racing from an income of ZERO to RM 100,000 monthly in merely 2 years. She is a firm believer of the MLM business model but realises the pitfalls too and understands how and why the majority of people would shy away (or zoom far away) from any MLM business.

She is now pondering the title of her new book, From Zero to 100,000 RM monthly in 2 years and has a sequel in the pipeline with the aim of helping real professionals succeed in the World of MLM. Always the giver, Mamapumpkin has supported orphans for over 30 years and has now extended her care to the sick, single mothers, and even struggling families. She believes that with the MLM business model, we can all have a life of our own desires to enable real contribution into the world.

A beautiful life without limits.

Mamapumpkin currently manages the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia on Facebook. She also runs Working Women Malaysia (not THAT kind of Working Women!), Mamapumpkin - Creating A Life of Abundance, and Funky Moms on Facebook to offer REAL support to all women who want career and life success. She is a living testimony that women really can have a lot. Being financially free has enabled her to travel the world anytime anywhere doing anything, and she spends most of her day to day with her children, reading and supporting other women.

For enquiries, please contact her at mamapumpkin at gmail dot com or WhatsApp her at +6012-2333840
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