Happy Birthday T2 – 6 years old!!!

So it happened!!!!

T2’s little birthday party that we organised at the 11th hour and invited just ONE friend and then the day before invited several more *gasp* actually was a success!!

On the morning of the party, Mommy was rushing around all over Bangsar like a mad women, super efficient when stressed, meeting up still with customers to pass them products, parking in BV to run an errand, driving out of BV to the balloon shop to order the balloons, back in BV again to run another errand because they couldn’t be done all at once and the reason I couldn’t walk to the balloon shop because of some for fucks sake reason was that I was wearing Steve Madden High Heel Wedges that day that hurt my back and would’ve been a disaster walking on the tar road. So clever!!!

After a whole month of asking how long more her birthday party was coming, it finally happened. She was so happy!!! In fact, it was her idea to not invite many friends this year because she said that last year she went crazy with so many kids. Smart girl! Better quality than quantity, right?

Just after I picked her up from school, she had a quick shower and we went off the both of us to pick up the balloons and it was a riot because I’d ordered over 30 balloons and they fucking barely fit the car!!! SO CLEVER!!! All the entire air space in the car was filled with balloons and I could not see the side mirror on my left and the entire back was covered so the rear view mirror was hopeless too. Furthermore, T2 said the balloons were squashed into her face and she couldn’t see in front. No go. I stopped the car and brought a bunch to the back and tried to squeeze it into the boot and then T2 said she needed to pee urgently. Me in my heels, in a rush to get the party ready, there was absolutely NO time to stop to pee!!! Where would we have gone anyway???

I zoomed home in time for her to pee and then off we went again to pick T1 up from school with her school friend. Her BFF.

This was part of the party set up. The food hadn’t come out yet.


Then she just HAD to get changed into her favourite ball gown because she was the princess of the day. This very same gown was bought by my mother when T1 had her first piano solo performance. It has lasted till now and still looks as beautiful as ever. It really brings back beautiful memories, this dress. The entire entourage was there for T1 when she performed and I was just thinking how she must miss her Nana so much because she used to get SO MUCH attention, that girl, and now she gets close to none. Well, considered close to none if you think about how much she used to get!


This is T2’s first BFF since she was a baby. We used to go to Fit For 2 together and these 2 little girls will roll around the fitness room whilst their Mommies tried to lose their pregnancy weight. It obviously didn’t work for me!

It was a pretty chilled birthday party. There were no party games planned but they managed to still have loads of fun and entertained themselves really well. The kids played monopoly and the thrill was taking turns to operate the credit card machine. None of them could count in the millions so I had to be the banker. LOL!

They also painted their nails, played LEGO, played Barbie dolls, played pretend and played the most incredibly hilarious hide and seek because T1 and her friend played with them and when you have two 10 year olds against two 5-6 year olds playing hide and seek, you will laugh till your sides hurt. It was HILARIOUS!!!! The older kids would set up decoys and the young ones would think they’d found them but had no clue. Just too darn cute. I loved it.

The guests loved the food so much and had seconds, actually I think T1’s BFF had the pasta about 5 times! I asked T1, I thought you said she had an appetite problem at school? And her friend quickly replied that she usually does unless the food was really good. Hahaha. We had a good review when she went home that day.

My little not so little T2, I love you to the moon and back and all around the Universe about a million times and I would do anything and everything to ensure you grow up with a journey full of happiness and fun and tons of laughter with memories so crystal clear that you will always have them to come home to. And when I am gone one day, you will always cherish and remember all the things that Mama has already taught you and may you and your sister be the absolute best friends forever holding each other’s hands to the end of time with more love than anyone else can ever imagine. We are so, so blessed that Nana is watching over all of us. We really are.

So just to be fair, I asked T1 if she wanted a similar birthday party like T2 ie does she want me to go out to get balloons and frill etc? NO WAY. NOOOOOOoooooooo, thank you.


All T1 wants is for me to bake her Nana’s super sugee cake and go swimming with her BFF. I love my T1. She is such a simple girl like me. No frills attached. Really low maintenance but a lot of substance if you looked hard enough.

And after that would be the Hubs’ birthday. Alamak. One after another. But for his, we will just use Sydney as an excuse. Heh.

Happy Birthday, T2!!!! I am so glad you love your Rock Star Lego sets, your new Frozen dolls and your new high heels from Daania. The biggest present for me is to see you happy. And oh, I wish I knew how to post your Thank You video to Ashley Che-Che because didn’t you just LOVEEEEEEEEE your new pink Chanel bag?

Simple pleasures.

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