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British currency

The Hubs is really on my case of late about me and my money. He had confiscated my credit card ever since I gave up my job last year as he said he could not afford any of my 5 figure impulse buys and now that I am earning, he is STILL nagging me about my expenditure. Shish!

British currency

But what is the point of me working then if I cannot enjoy myself and giving away money makes me happy! His point is why the fuck work if you are going to give away all your money anyway??? He has a point too. I’m not sure why I give but I think it is because money comes so easy to me so it costs me nothing and because all my life my own mother had been giving away so much money and helping people throughout, it has become a way of life for me. Of course, this makes me a target for people to take advantage of but that is their karma, not mine.

It’s not like I give it away to everyone. I only give it to people whom I think deserve it or who are really suffering, and of course, I make mistakes too. I have given to people who have stabbed me in the back 4 figure cash but it’s OK. I do not expect anything and like I say, it is their karma and they know exactly who they are too. Let it be. I did my part. People will always have things to say.

Anyway, the Hubs is truly on my case because he says times are bad and everything is very uncertain which is true. With the amount of job cuts going on around Multinationals in KL, everyone SHOULD be worried. Those supporting their children abroad will be feeling the pinch and even now when we ask people for charity, it is hard to come by. Everyone is holding onto their money so perhaps I should too. But how? LOL!

Over the weekend, I had some guests and I paid for a lot even though I had attended dinners with Uncles and Aunties, yet I paid several times for over 10 heads each time. I just felt that I had a good income from my Izumio business so why not? They are all probably retired and living off their savings or the estate’s money or whatever. Who knows. Is it unusual for a junior to pay the bill?

I also gave away free money when we visited Petaling Street and that was the highlight of my day. It felt so good!!! It becomes especially special when you shock these street vendors in giving them a big tip. One of the Myanmar sales men could not believe it when I said he could keep the RM50. Everyone thinks they’ve heard wrongly or that I am completely cuckoo. One of the street vendors chased me around Petaling Street to return me the extra money! I scolded him back as to why he left his stall unmanned!! So cute all these people. I would really love spending more time there to hear their individual stories. The porridge stall refused to accept my money but said I could buy her dinner instead so yeah, one day I will be taking her out for dinner. Her porridge stall had been started by her parents years ago and I used to go there over 15 years ago!!! Sweet memories.

Money – easy come, easy go. Don’t you dare ask me for it because I will NOT give you any. I will truly revel in growing my money into some GBP soon.

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