I love Fridays. Dang, who doesn’t? I love Fridays because it’s the last day of the week that the Hubs has to work and we get to have him for a whole 2 days. I have insisted for him to quit his job over and over but he is such a responsible bloke that it’s not even funny. OK, it’s good to be responsible but he’s underpaid. He is!! I was earning more than him last year at some point!! I don’t care about GST and the downturn. If you’re worth X amount of dollars, you’re worth X amount of dollars. That is all there is to it. Always know your worth, people.

Fridays is when T2 finishes school extra early and previously I’d go all the way to school to get her just so she doesn’t have to wait 2.5 hours for her sister to finish. Then we’d go meet Daddy for lunch so she gets us all to herself which is a rare occurrence for her. Now the girls want to make Fridays a visit Daddy day. Both of them! T1 is saying, wait for me before you go visit Daddy!!! See how much they miss their father who comes home late every night and gets in extra early every morning? Fish.

I wish there were good movies every week so we could catch a movie every Friday evening but unfortunately it’s always hit or miss. What else can we do on a Friday evening now that we no longer visit Nana at her home on Fridays?

Oh, Fridays are also the days when the girls have to wash their kasut!!! Darn, I’m wondering if I should get them an extra pair of shoes just in case they don’t dry in time for school on Monday. Why am I blabbering all about nothingness? I have been working all day and I need to go to bed……

A toast to Fridays!!

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