Exam Jitters

My poor girls will be having their final exams reals soon. How time flies indeed!! They started in January 2015 and they are having their final exams in July 2015. Then a holiday for a month and straight to the new year in September 2015. Crazy right?


T1 is doing just fine at school but T2 is struggling because of her lack of reading skills and of course, if you cannot read, how the heck are you going to answer the exam questions, right??? The teachers are concerned for her because she is far behind her peers apparently but I am still not fussed because school work aside, she seems like a pretty normal kid to me! She is funny, strong, emotional, happy, manipulative, cheeky, and everything else you would expect of a five year old. But she is not a straight A student like her sister.

We are prepared in this instance to let her repeat the year should she NOT make it to get ahead to the next year. That is hilarious because it means we have to pay her fees AGAIN to repeat the same level!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!! T2!!!!!!!! But it’s OK. Her Daddy loves her so much that he is perfectly happy to let her develop at her own pace and she will. But still!!!!!! LOL. I cannot believe one of my girls are going to repeat a year. I thought it was only for child delinquents to repeat a year. In my life, we skip years. Well, I did.

We have exactly 6 days to the start of the exam to revise the whole year’s syllabus. Huhuhu. I think I will just pass. Or should I spend every waking hour trying to get her through so that she makes it to Year 1? The price saving would be equivalent to one new Chanel Flap Bag. Darn, I cannot decide. I am so thankful that T1 is self sufficient. Imagine if I had 2 to worry about? Stress!!!

Honestly, when I was a kid, NOBODY paid any attention to my grades. I was always the top 5 in class till I reached secondary and got interested in boys which is when my grades started dropping. And still, nobody really paid any attention. But I managed to get myself a place in a top University in the best architectural school, yes? The Bartlett has been renown as the top architectural school in the UK for several consecutive years but got knocked off to 2nd place this year by Cambridge, where I was meant to do my Masters in Architecture but never went for that final interview due to boyfriend reasons. Chis. If only I had someone to kick my ass then but my parents were too preoccupied with their own lives to notice anything academic I did with my life then. So I put that offer from Cambridge into my safekeeping tin and followed my then dentist boyfriend to Leeds instead to start work with an architectural practice. You live and learn!!!

But what does that teach me? That I do not need straight A’s to get into a top University. I just needed the bare minimum to make their UCCA offer which for me was a BBC in Math, Physics and Chemistry though I did better than that. Phew. So T2 will be alright, right???

One thing I am really happy about is that the school they are in is extremely dynamic. It is rigorous and offers the children a fantastic school life that has injections of everything that is important in the optimal raising of a child. I grew up with International School kids, believe me I did. I lived next to one and I had tons of friends in another, and no, they were not the school culture I would have chosen for my kids, so till now, I am still extremely pleased with my choice of International School for my 2 girls.

But the exams still suck.


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