Cute Cafe at Publika Courtyard


Have you guys been here? This cute little cafe at the Publika Courtyard? It’s so cute that I want to make an appearance there soon. Wah cheh!!! Like I’m a celebrity only….LOL. Yeah, I wonder what they serve and it’s been awhile since I’ve gone to Publika so why not? My birthday is coming up. I might just spend it at this cute little cafe at the Publika Courtyard with someone special or two. I don’t want a big group, oh no. One or two very special people, real people, are all I need for my birthday this year. 2015. I just had to use the calculator to check how old I was. Heh.

My girls are already planning THEIR birthday parties this year. Bloody hell. Such entitlement. Chis. But they are good kids so they shall get their birthday parties. T1 wants a small pool party at our home so I can make that really special. T2 on the other hand, has high demands. After her mega pink party last year, she now wants a blue Elsa party *cries*. How??? Anyone done an Elsa party yet? I do have lots of time to plan these parties but heck, like I have nothing else better to do???

Parties? Me time?

Parties? Me time?

Parties? Me time?

It will cost RM3,000+ to hire a party planner. Hmmm……shall I? shall I not? shall I? shall I not?

Man, life is really tough these days when there is no work!!!

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  1. My sis put together an Elsa birthday party for her daughter last year at La Risata. She did everything herself. I tagged you in Instagram. She might have leftover decor stuff from her party if you’re interested.

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