Conversations with My Mom


I have been feeling my Mom’s presence more so of late. I think the woman is really happy in Heaven and has nothing else better to do than to pass me all these terminal cancer patients. Oh. My. God. Why is she doing that??? I am SURE that my Mom is helping me in this Izumio and Super Lutein business. How else would I have grown this quickly? What more in a network marketing business that people usually frown upon. To the point I really need to start looking for a driver and a PA. We do not have a maid at home at the moment and for the longest time now and although I may struggle at times, it isn’t really all so bad. We currently don’t even have a part-timer. I am looking forward to spring cleaning the entire house once and for all.


I have always loved a challenge and I never ever would have ventured into a network marketing business if it wasn’t for my health deterioration. So it is a by chance kind of thing but as I grew into it, I started really seeing the opportunity. And then I decided to change the game. Do you think this is a lousy business? That it would never work? I was out to prove the naysayers wrong and I have! Blessings are continuously flowing in.

One thing my Mom taught me is that we do not have to share everything with people. Just keep it to yourself, she says, when you know someone has betrayed you or hurt you or stolen from you. I am still struggling with that. Because when people have done wrong, I want to shout at them and tell them to go fuck themselves. But I cannot. Because Mom will pull me down and say let God do His work. URGH. But I want to kill them NOW. And the she gives me that death glare and I would oblige. She is my Mother. It is HARD!!!


She also says that we do not have to share our good deeds with others. Unless showing off has a purpose. Like I would never want to appear in a floozy high society magazine unless I was forced to to get something out of it for charity for example. I might oblige if it was going to raise a few hundred k for children. But otherwise, Mom says whatever you do, you keep it to yourself. And so this year in memory of her, I have started practising that. I have a friend in Australia who does exactly the same and I am her runner. I would acknowledge that it wasn’t me though because no way will I ever take credit for something I did not do. This year I would specifically tell the person not to share our secret with anyone or even make myself anonymous to the person. It’s damn fun. Try it! Little do you know that acts of kindness starts ripples and in time, the world becomes a better place.

Yesterday, I made 4 sales. Like poof. Just like that. They weren’t my own contacts. They were my team members contacts that I had to convert for them and I did it. This morning before I left the house, I was talking to my Mom in the mirror. I was happy. She was happy. It was a happy time. I just cannot believe how she is following me everywhere I go. Well, I’m not complaining. I just wish she was here in person instead so I could touch her, feel her skin, see her eyes shine at me. The kids miss her terribly. We all miss her. I hope I dream of her tonight.

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