Club Med Maldives, here I come!!!

Club Med Maldives, here I come!!!!

I freaking did it!!!!

In just 4 months, I managed to fulfill the requirements to win not one but TWO fully paid holidays to Club Med Maldives for a whole five days!!! I am so excited as I have never been there before. Thank you, Naturally Plus.

On top of these 2 holidays in April, let’s not forget that I also have an income now. A regular one. Uhuh. It’s not what I used to earn yet but it’s definitely a start and by the end of this year or earlier, I expect it to double.

Now that this is starting to get it’s groove, I will look at the Thermomix business. Another hot seller. I could do with a German maid anyway since standing for long hours in the kitchen does cause me a bad back. Heh. Now to convince my CFO to invest in a Thermie.

For now, I am off to Chiangmai for my beloved brother’s wedding. The boy just told me I had to sit on the floor! What? Floor? Did I hear right? Which wedding in the world do you get to sit on a floor??? Apparently a traditional Thai one!!! So much for stressing about what gown to wear. It was too funny when he told us because my Oz cousins and I were just in hits of hysteria. All were packed with high heels and gowns and had to UNPACK. No way were they sitting on the floor in their gowns. All wearing pants now. Hahaha. Me, in my slipped disc condition, I will not even be able to SIT on the floor so I guess they will have to make me a special exception and give me a chair. I told Ben that he’d better prepare some strong bouncers in order for them to pull all the fat asses off the floor.

My girls wanted to be different for this wedding and chose not to wear formal dresses and instead chose T-Shirt material dresses from Desigual. We’re the Desigual Family, yo. Honestly, if I was slim enough to wear one of those Desigual dresses, I would join them but currently wearing ANY dress just makes me look like a cute whale. So no. I shan’t be embarrassing my brother like that. And my Mom from above will be screaming till I could actually hear. She was ever the poised and polished dresser…..

It’s been a great start to the year thus far with this 2 fully paid holidays to Club Med Maldives for 5 days. I suppose I will DRAG the Hubs along (if he gets sacked from work, SO BE IT) and we shall just pay for my 2 little monkeys to tag along. How unromantic, right? It’s OK. I love them to bits and it is too dangerous not bringing them along anyway as we might end up with a Number Three. Fark! Choy! Choy! Choy!

In any case, the only way we would be able to go without the kids would be to ship them off to Chiangmai to stay with Uncle Ben. We’ll see. They would have to ‘ponteng’ 3 days of school too. Speaking of which, T1 has been wanting to join this year’s school annual production but the school has advised against it because she is due to sit for the Year 6 Cambridge Checkpoint Exams, so technically she has to study for it. But who the heck cares! It’s only a Primary Exam. Shish. So I told her to just GO FOR IT. I know she really wants to be a part of a production. Her Mother was always the lead role in school plays and her Father was always the guy behind the scenes designing the props. Hahaha. I guess she is choosing to follow the Mother.

Club Med Maldives, here I come!!! Adios Amigos!!!

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  1. Take me with u.. Leave the hubs at home to look after the kids. How’s that?

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