Chicken and Antibiotics


Today I was discussing an article about chicken and antibiotics to T1 that was published in the New York Times. It was an article about marketing tactics practised by the largest poultry giants in the UK whereby they say that their chickens are antibiotic free but really they are not? They just use a different type of antibiotics that are called something else and not for human consumption.


Apparently they are now starting to give antibiotics that are non-human antibiotics to chickens for faster growth and development as opposed to giving human antibiotics to them before. This became a problem because when us humans really got sick, our bodies would already be immune to those antibiotics since we are consuming so much of it from the chickens.

I showed the article to T1 and asked her if she thought that we should eat chicken anymore? She gave up eating chicken 2 years back due to seeing her boobies grow and she felt that the hormones in chicken were making her boobies grow at super speed so she gave them up. She’s even stopped eating McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and stays away from McDonald’s unless she really has to.

T1 said, “Why not we don’t eat chicken and eat them only when we are sick and need some antibiotics :-p” and she knew it was in jest too. The Hubs and I laughed at her true logic.

On another note, I was asking T2 the other day if she wanted to eat something at a restaurant and I cannot remember now what exactly it was but she didn’t want to and I kept asking her (because I wanted to eat it) and the Hubs decided that we should order that something else in order to make his girls happy. Then I whinged and said that I wanted to eat the other thing because I didn’t know how to make it at home whereas the dish they wanted, I could cook it anytime at home and mine was even better, so please could I have MY dish instead?

3 against 1, OK?

T2 said, “LEARN, Mama…..”


It sure sounds like someone is starting to repeat back the things I usually tell them. Hahaha. Whatever they say they cannot do, I will always say LEARN!


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