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T2 dragged me to Chanel KLCC last weekend, can you believe it??? I kid you not!!! We were in KLCC to run an errand and I went to Balenciaga to check on the status of my fucking tassels (oh, I have not told you the story of those fucking tassels??? Wait. I will tell it to you another day, the story of my RM7,000 Balenciaga bag that came WITHOUT tassels!!!). T2 also dragged me into Ferragamo (she can even pronounce it) to see shoes. For her!!! And she wanted to try them on!!! So malu!!!

There wasn’t anything that took my fancy though I’m still waiting to add the green and purple Vara to my collection. I decided against the black because I already have a low kitten heel Ferragamo in black, so getting a black Vara would be a waste. And lo and behold, I found a very similar pair of patent black shoes just like the Vara!!! SCORE!!! For a fraction of the price of the Vara’s and Made in the UK. Heh. I was happy!!!

So Chanel. The Hubs gave me a little ang pow recently for Chinese New Year so I am ready to spend! But heck, we couldn’t even get into bloody Chanel!!! It was too crowded!!! Shish!!! It’s becoming like Japan now with people queuing outside!!! What the hell??? The both of us really wanted to get in but really didn’t want to queue so I kept telling myself, it’s fated. Not meant to go in. Better still, don’t buy. So off we walked despondently away from Chanel KLCC and did not go back. All these China people scouring the branded boutiques……

Oh, we also went into Louis Vuitton to check if they could repair my LV Mahina bag. One of the leather what do you call those things? The ones where you have on your leather watch strap to keep the strap down? The belt strap kind of thingie? Yeah, it fell off. So I need to get it replaced but guess what? LV said I needed to give them my bag for 2 months. TWO MONTHS!!! Just to put a small piece of leather back on!!! And apparently they will send the bag to Singapore which is where the LV factory is. And to replace it would cost? Jeng-Jeng-Jeng. It’s OK. I’ll survive without it.

I’m now waiting for my Balenciaga tassels to arrive like maybe in 6 fucking months if it ever does??? Several of my friends have been all around the world to search for the exact same colour and truly, I consider myself cheated by Balenciaga and am so frustrated over that whole saga that I just want to get another fucking Balenciaga just to satisfy my soul. But they do not have the colours that I want right now. I think I will just go to Paris instead and hop over to Rotterdam to stay with my Godsister for awhile to help her with the baby.

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