Blog woes

If you are a regular reader, then you would have noticed that this blog has changed design recently into what I do not want – LOL!!! I wasn’t happy with the old blog design as it was too messy but never had any time to play around with it so ever since I gave up my full time job, I’ve been telling myself that I must make my blog pretty.

And so I started fiddling with code and stuff and suddenly, POOF!!! The blog disappeared.


I tried undoing everything that I did without success and nobody could access the blog anymore, not even me, the owner. I called up my host to SOS and they managed to revive it after an hour but some things were already missing and I just couldn’t be bothered to start all over as things were urgent. I randomly picked a simple blog design to continue my postings but I don’t really like it either. Blog themes are difficult!!! I wish I could understand code then I could design it exactly how I want it because none of the current designs work perfectly for me. SO annoying.

Anyone with code knowledge want to do an exercise in re-designing my blog? I will pay you but I am a very fussy customer because I know exactly what I want. Till then, I will just have to continue with this ugly blog despite it scratching my skin every day…..

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