Blessings come my way…..

Do you believe in what goes around comes around? I totally do. My late Mom, bless her kind, kind soul, she has alway taught me that you do unto others what you want to be done to you. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Karma will run it’s course. When I went crying to her about some really awful people last year, she smiled and said nothing. And she was right. Everything comes together. They always do. Blessings come my way……

For my birthday this year, I requested on the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia, a wish. My birthday wish. And that was to buy soya bean milk from the SoyAi Team in Myanmar who comprises the Children of Myanmar grown up and running their own little business. Buy the soya bean milk to be distributed amongst little children in Myanmar for their nutrition.

This is what I posted (so I don’t have to write it all over again!):

This year my birthday wish is to invite all of you to join me in giving back to the Children of Myanmar.

In 2012, I brought Tessa to Yangon to visit some 200+ orphans living in horrendous conditions, eating close to nothing. They taught us the biggest lesson and we vowed to be with them as support for the rest of our lives. Today, the Children of Myanmar have come a long way. Their living conditions have improved, they are now nourished with more nutrition and best of all, are given a chance at education.

The bigger kids have started a soya bean milk making business to learn self sustenance and this milk goes back to the many orphanages in Myanmar to feed them protein.

I would like to ask all of you to search The Children of Tomorrow Youth Centre on Facebook and LIKE it.

This SoyAi business is completely run by Tessa’s underprivileged (depending how you see it really!) friends in Myanmar, and I would like to help them keep their business running this year through my birthday gift, or your birthday gift to me.

Please go do a SEARCH on the right hand column in the search box and type in CHILDREN OF MYANMAR for the long story (and photos from the Children of Tomorrow page) and join me in buying some SoyAi soya bean milk for the little children of Myanmar.

Each 1 litre bottle is USD1.00 (yes, that’s how cheap they are selling it for and the soya bean milk is of much better quality than any that I’ve ever tasted in KL!!). It is also made by soya bean machines that we personally carted to Yangon from KL last Christmas and we have seen them making it with our own eyes. I will be accountable for all funds going towards this cause, you can be assured of that.

Please state how many bottles of soya bean milk you want to get for them, and if you know which orphanage you would like to feed, please let us know or we will just spread them out accordingly. The aim is to see the children get a regular weekly supply of milk to get at least some protein into their little bodies.

My bank account numbers for the SoyAi milk is as follows. Please WhatsApp me your contribution to feed the Children of Myanmar at 012-2333840 or email me (mama pumpkin at gmail dot com).

Public Bank: 6-0384847-10
Maybank : 1644-9025-6705
HSBC: 359068285025
CIMB: 7053664314

I thank you all for your support!!!


I already have big plans for the Children of Myanmar and the SoyAi Team at the end of this year to buy 1,500 bottles of 1 litre SoyAi Milk for the Children of Myanmar to last them an entire year. My partner and I are working on this initiative so watch this space. But this Birthday initiative hopefully will run concurrently till that happens.

And then the most amazing offer comes my way. Blessings come my way indeed. Someone offered to part with their business income on a regular basis to SoyAi. How wonderful is that? A Facebook group with almost 20,000 members. Bless the owners of that group really. I just couldn’t contain my excitement thus had to put it down on paper as a mark in history for my birthday 2015.

The SoyAi Team told me that they will put my name on the bottles of the soya bean milk so the little Children of Myanmar know who is sponsoring them the milk. Cheh! No need! This year all the more I will be giving since I am so free but seriously, nobody needs to know the details. It is none of anyone’s business and I do not need any acknowledgement from anyone for God is my witness, and that is enough. Thank you to the person who reminded me this fact.

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