Being Strong

Being Strong

My late Mother was extremely strong both physically and mentally. You would not imagine that a petite lady of 5 feet 2, slim and beautiful with a tremendously high forehead could hurt a man. She has punched men in jest and they have squealed in pain. She could pinch hard, run fast and put up a strong fight. My Dad used to say she had powerful legs. *chuckle*

Despite not attending a tertiary education, she was clever enough to bring down an entire Government. She was the woman behind closed doors that ran the show away from the limelight. Yet people hurt her for no reason at all. If men couldn’t sleep with her, they would spread lies. And women, well there were just women who couldn’t handle a strong woman who had a lot going. And too spread the lies.

I will always be grateful to my Mother for training me to be strong. Even if it got her heart in knots, she let me fall deep knowing that the world could be a cruel place and I had to survive it. You never know who has your back. People think they know me but even my best friends know barely 50% of me. Because I have truly lived, that fact is assumed. And who cares anyway, right?

Sincere people have a certain glow, an aura, and you almost know it in your gut; and the alternative can do lots for you but if your antennas don’t pick up their agendas, then time will. Being strong requires training and my Mom has trained me hard. The people I knew were getting divorced, have gotten divorced. The people I felt would fall, have fallen. Those that I knew would fly high, have flown high. Being strong sharpens your intuition. And no, it is not something to gloat about, being strong. It is just as OK to be weak. No judgement at all from me. Although personally, I would like to see all women being strong as much as possible. To overcome all obstacles that hinder their paths. If you have been abused, know that there is a future for you out there. A brilliant one. If you do not know how to be strong, learn.

My only challenge now is passing that onto my girls. Being strong is being kinder. Being strong is having more compassion and empathy. Being strong is forgiveness and still being able to love in adversity. Being strong is being able to walk away from backstabbers without picking a fight. Being strong is flooring a man in one move. Being strong is being able to get negativity flung at you yet continue to inspire positivity. Being strong is being able to give generously without expectation. Being strong is seeing past the people who hurt you. Being strong is seeing the good in everyone. Being strong is soaring towards your passions. And the list goes on.

There is only a set amount of time to impart these lessons to my preciousness before they start taking on the world by themselves. In that, it is important for me that I am available and thus have resigned from my full time job to give T2 the same full time Mom attention that I offered to T1 previously for a whole 7 years. Bye bye Ferragamo and Hermes. Bye bye Zermatt.

May my girls be strong to lead a pack of wolves.

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