Back Injury

Hah! I could not walk yesterday and I was in excruciating pain. I have not had such painful pain ever where I would literally scream in pain. So embarrassing but a great realisation of how much we take our simple limbs for granted every day. We take our health for granted every day. And when I couldn’t walk yesterday, I prayed so hard. I imagined what life would feel like if I could never walk again. It was so painful that I had to just lie in bed all day and I could not even turn from left to right as it was way too painful. Every move was a shout and the Hubs wanted to take me to the hospital but what would they do there? That thought freaked me out so I decided to take extra Izumio Hydrogen Water instead and extra Super Lutein capsules and went to bed. Granted, T1 spent more than an hour massaging me as well. Bless her. One of the few people who truly cares about me.

Today, I woke up feeling much, much better. I could walk! And I could sit and stand without that sharp jab that felt like the most painful thin pinch in your life, more painful than a knife cut. I was ecstatic!!! So I became the hero to fulfill all my kids’ wishes, cook lasagna with lots of vegetables, cook noodles with lots of fishballs and vegetables, make coconut gula Melaka agar-agar, fry kuih bakul in batter, and did a bit of work including carrying a 7.3kg box. It was right at that point when I stood for a whole 45 minutes in the kitchen when the pain started coming back. Not as bad as yesterday but I could feel the pain as my day progressed, becoming a little worse. Darn it. More Izumio tonight then.

I need to heal within 2 days because we are off to catch a plane abroad again!!! I cannot afford to not walk!!!!

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