Attracting the man you like

Attracting the man you like is easy if you know how. First and foremost, please make sure he is available. Don’t go around breaking up marriages. But if he’s only boyfriend-girlfriend with someone else, hmmm……I still wouldn’t mess because it’s just not nice. If it is meant to be, it will be, know what I mean? Would you like it if you were dating a man and someone else kept calling him to tempt him? It’s just messy. If anything like that happened to me and my man (married or not), I would expect the man to delete the girl from his life. Delete number, delete contact, delete any form of communications, delete forever. If the man can not do that for me, he is out. No man is worth it if he cannot do that for you, ladies.

Not even if the girl is “JUST A FRIEND.”

I am ruthless like that. I have high self-esteem and am worthy so if you love me, put your actions and money where it’s worth. Period.

So let’s say the man is available. What next? Well, it depends on how well you already know him? Is he a friend? Is he a mutual friend that you’ve just met? Is he a stranger? Is he a blind date?

My first advise is to be yourself and be confident and NOT show that you fancy him at all. Men like the thrill of the chase and the harder it is to get you, the more they want you and the harder they will work to keep you. Serious!!! If you give in too easy, they also give up more easily.

So. You need to be a little sharp with your observation skills to learn up as much as possible about him.

1. Watch his shoes. Are they clean and neat? Or scruffy and dirty?

2. Watch his attentiveness to you. Does he check his phone every now and then? Or do you have his 500% attention?

3. Watch what he says about his Mother and the rest of his family. Men who glorify their Moms are Mommy’s boys.

4. Watch how he treats the waiters. Is he polite? Does he care?

5. Watch what he says about his career and life goals. Are they in tune with yours? There is no point pursuing this any further if he is dead set against children and you love children. DON’T expect a man to change. Although some men do change, they are few and far between and require a lot of work.

Assuming they pass all 5 questions above, you need to learn how to play the string of pull and release in the right amounts.

1. Stay mysterious, don’t tell him your whole life story all in one date!!! Only answer the questions that he asks you.

2. Don’t tell him much about your past boyfriends. Leave it open and vague. Men really don’t want to know.

3. Don’t tell him your personal stuff. Leave that for much later. He can tell you his personal stuff but not you. Talk about traveling, your career, hobbies, whatever but keep it light and/but interesting.

4. Bring him food. Find out what he likes to eat. Cook for him. Food always works ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Be presentable and clean with a little sexy/sensuous touch. Email me for more details ๐Ÿ˜‰ I offer grooming advice too.

Come back for PART TWO later………….I have to go sleep now.

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