Aortal and Mitral Valve Regurgitation (AVR and MVR)

Of all the fucking things to get, I MUST have not one but TWO defective heart valves, an Aortal Valve Regurgitation AND a Mitral Valve Regurgitation. Really WTF right? I mean, already one is serious. You have heart disease. But two? OK, OK, I should not complain because my best bud, he’s had a 5 heart by-pass already and we’re of the same age. And his heart is at much greater risk than mine. Sigh. What did we do to inherit such problematic hearts? Smoking in our youth? Too much life time stress? Who knows. As for me, the Doctor says it’s just one of those things. You never know why. It’s just degenerative. Oh well.

I remember the time I told my Doctor friend that I had a leaky valve. She asked, “Which one???” And when I told her it was the Aorta, her face dropped. She obviously knew it’s severity more than me. But then she panicked me!!! Not good!!!

I learned to live with it and overcome my fears with positivity. I didn’t tell many people because what is the point. Me broadcasting it here is not the same because I don’t know most of you, hahahaha, my virtual buddies. And last week when I was told that I had another leaking valve, I went numb. Surely this just increased my risk and exacerbated my condition? I asked the Doctor some questions and did some research and this is what I found.

Mitral Valve Operation – According to this article, it says that you should operate the mitral valve earlier rather than later. Reason being you should solve the problem now rather than wait for it to get worse. But that goes against what my Doctor told me. I guess I come under the category of ‘watchful waiting’ which is why I am routinely checked on a regular basis. It is when the leak is of a certain size, then the Doctor will say OK, now!!!

Aortal and Mitral Valve Regurgitation – Having both becomes slightly complicated as you can see in this video. It’s a double leak thus even less oxygenated blood enters my large body. My blood pressure is high and my heart is working over time. Add a little bit of stress and kaboomz!!! Sigh.

Haiyo. Why? Why? Why?

OK, I will focus on bigger and better things now. Fuck the heart.

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  1. I like your last sentence “I will focus on bigger and better things now”. It shows you are doing your best to be positive.

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