Loyalty – NOT!!

The Hubs was moaning that he felt like the maid these last 4 days as he had to do EVERYTHING for his 3 girls. Even to hydrate us, he had to go get us water or none of us will drink anything. We are THAT lazy. Yadayadayada……

I told T2 when the Hubs left the bedroom to get water, “I think we better start helping Daddy out, T2. He sounds fed up and may just quit and run away. Then we will have no more Daddy.”

T2 goes, “Aiya….we just go and buy a new Daddy la!!”

Shock! Horror! I asked her, what if we don’t get a Daddy as nice as this Daddy?!!!! Shit. I could certainly NOT do with another Daddy and nor do I WANT another Daddy. This is the Daddy I married and he is our BEST DADDY!!!

She said, “Don’t worry. Then we just buy and buy and buy till we get a good one.”

I can assure you the Hubs was not amused that he was so easily replaceable yet he could not stay angry at any of his girls. It’s a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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