Homeschooling in Malaysia – March 2014

Gosh. It is our 3rd month Homeschooling in Malaysia – March 2014 already!!!

Honestly, I am becoming increasingly slack and dis-bothered about homeschooling my kids. I am too busy with work and house work and they are too busy with playing. The little one is a TV and iPad addict although we are restrictive but she cannot yet read AT ALL and she does not like to draw much, so all she does all day is play and talk to herself; and then when I allow her some TV and iPad time, she’s like super happy.

T1, on the other hand, is a lazy ass. Such a big lazy ass. Exactly like her Mama. Le sigh………Homeschooling in Malaysia let alone anywhere in the world is not easy if you are a full time working Mom. But we still manage because we do not have a choice. It is more Unschooling that we do rather than Homeschooling. Because apart from her schedule language classes each week, T1 does fuck all when it comes to her Academic work to do with her school British syllabus.

For the month of March, T1 added into her book of experiences, the following tasks below. It is a shame that I took photos of each of her activities below but now just don’t have the time to resize those images let alone find them in my library of photos, so we will just have to do without.

1. Made her own Peppermint Candy. Yes, really! You know peppermint flavoured candy? Such as those cane sticks at Christmas, or just balls from Australia? T1 made shapeless peppermint candy and it was very nice!!! It is literally a mixture of icing sugar and peppermint flavouring (yuck) and I’m not sure what else as I was not involved but I know it tasted good. Melted in your mouth with a minty taste.

2. Started doing housework, like for real. She makes her bed, washes all the dishes, chops onions and garlic, grates carrots and cheese, washes and peels vegetables, bakes and watches the fire whilst I’m cooking, boils rice not in a rice cooker (because we do not have one) but on the stove, babysits her sister really well by making her home made play doh, entertains her by making up games for her to play that do not involve toys, gets really creative when I need total silence and drags her sister away from me.

3. T1 learnt how to open a kuaci with lots of practice and some other seeds as well. You just have to do it in order to know how. She also learnt how to open mata kucing (longan) in Kota Bharu and was my official longan opener. How nice it is to eat a bunch of longan all ready and peeled for you, and she enjoyed it too. LOL.

4. We visited the Bank Negara Museum at the top of the hill (not the old Bank Negara concrete building). This is a spanking new modern building where part of all our tax money has gone (assumingly), it is a beautiful building and a great space to spend the day at with children. There is an outdoor run around space that is great for a picnic for a group of kids to play hide and seek. The money museum was fun and educational and yes, I would like to go back to actually learn more instead of watching over kids!

5. She’s grown responsible in taking care of her own plants. She’s got a choy sum plant and a basil plant but her aubergine plant died through no fault of hers. She’s been watering them daily. The joy in eating her own organic food is happiness indeed.

6. She designed her own board game in January but I forgot to write it down.

Actually all these memories are documented in the pictures and there is more to March but right now, Mommy is extremely stressed out working and planning for a long holiday, so adios, folks! Sorry for the abruptness but I really have to go! It is apparent that I can no longer keep up with sharing Homeschooling with T1 every month. Sigh.

Who is Mamapumpkin?
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