1. Journey mercies, my lovelies! Hip hip hurrah for the wonderful achievements by all at home. Much love and positive prayers as always.

    Can not wait to hear all about your next adventures. Staying tuned!

  2. Jocelyn

    Hi. I read that you hired a really good English tutor for T2. Could you share with me the contact? I am looking for an English tutor for my daughter as well.

    Thanks alot

  3. Mei

    There is no need to explain yourself to other ppl as you do what you deem best for yourself and/or your family… Why bother justifying…? The rest can judge me if they want but hey, last time I checked, I am not answerable to them. Only to myself, my family & God at the end of the day…

    ALL Mothers deserve a break. Whether you are a SAHM, FTWM, PTWM etc. No one gets it any easier than the other. We all work our butts off. Coz Motherhood is a full time job.

    Enjoy yourself Patsy! You more than deserve it! Love, light & laughter to your family.

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