4 years old – what does that mean?

My dear God. I began this post on T2’s birthday last year in August and till now have not posted it. Haha.

My darling princess turned 4 on the 1st of August 2013. What does that mean?

Wait. Firstly, can I just point out how hideous this outfit is that she is wearing below? This is obviously a choice of the Hubs and surprisingly, T2 has obliged probably from over-excitement in anticipation of going to the playground or under duress. She would never have selected an outfit like this and she usually chooses all her outfits too, and more often than not, they’re always pink from head to toe otherwise pink and matching all over. And I certainly would never have selected an outfit like this. The leggings are from BabyGap, can you imagine? I think they’re hideous.

5 year olds (since T2 will be 5 later this year, haha) – according to Babycentre, at the age of 5, this is what we’re supposed to look out for:-

1. Defiance – oh, hell yeah. She is the most defiant little minx I have ever encountered and sometimes we just cannot win. She is also stubborn as hell and if she is tired, that’s it. She would cry and scream and throw things and hit walls and bang doors. OMG. That is when I know she is a devil, not my child.

2. Give Lots of Warning When There is Change – I have actually found that this works. If she is busy doing something, it pays to warn her first that in 30 minutes (although she has no concept at all of time), we will be going to bed. Then do a count down…..in 10 minutes, it’s bedtime. In 5 minutes, it’s bedtime. 2 more minutes……but if you suddenly impose bedtime, there will be rage.

3. Telling Lies – Oh, yes. T2 tells lies to cover her ass all the time. Did you ever see the crayon cartoon where Mama crayon is angry because she sees blue crayon drawings all over her walls but baby blue crayon is saying that baby red crayon did it. To his little darling’s defense, the Hubs said that in our case, it could be baby red crayon carrying baby blue crayon to draw on the walls and so baby blue crayon could be telling the truth! Another thing T2 does is, she will run to me to ask me if she could play the iPad or eat some ice-cream but when I say no, she runs back to Dad or Kakak to say the complete opposite and worse, tells them that I said it was OK!!

4. Full of Energy and Lacking Judgement with Safety – So true. T2 has always been a little daredevil but sometimes stupidly so. She has absolutely no fear and would climb the highest pole if allowed and readily got onto a bicycle that was bigger than her just because she saw how fast her sister could cycle. Today, she fell off her bike, didn’t cry, picked herself right up and continued cycling. That shocked me.

5. Comfort Object – Hallelujah! For the longest time, T2 needed to sleep with my hand but now, since we moved the girls into their own room, she actually sleeps with her Marks & Spencer bear. I love you so much, you wonderful pink bear!!!

So it does sound like she’s developing fine and on track, huh? T2 is able to sleep by herself, eat by herself, bathe herself (though always accompanied just in case), dress herself (she loves mixing and matching her outfits everyday and even selects her matching accessories, handbag of the day and shoes if we go out!!!), fights her own battles, and comes up with solutions to her own problems.

Her appetite has increased tremendously since her plain white rice days and she eats almost anything now except durians and actually loves vegetables (yes, thank you, God.). She is addicted to cocoa milk and must have it when she wakes up and before she goes to bed, or anytime that she is sleepy. I just asked her what her favourite food is and she said salad. What else? Salad. She pretty much eats anything now.

As for academic development, she is nowhere (because I compare it to T1 who had all this down to a pat at 3.5). She cannot read though she knows the sounds of every alphabet. She can write all the alphabets with some reverse alphabets (perfectly normal). She is able to fix jigsaw puzzles and perform other logic inspired tasks so at least I know that her brain has the capacity to think. Haha. She loves music and dancing and has quite a talent for it. Every night before bed, she would learn the Katy Perry dance moves from You Tube then sing and dance to all her songs. She is always singing in the car too. It’s the cutest thing when that little voice sings Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold and pronounces the word BITCH.

Oh, dear.

T2 is very aware of her surroundings and is not a friendly person. Cautious and introvert, she will only talk to people whom she has taken a long time to warm up to or has good instincts towards. There are 2% of people whom she’s met for the first time and instantly took a liking to but majority of strangers have not heard her voice.

She is pretty independent in that she can play by herself although prefers a presence within the same room and can do a lot of things for herself mostly because she does not have a choice.

T2 has a very bad temper giving her the Little Chilli Padi name by her grandfather in Kelantan. If she is tired, do not cross her path. She has watched too much Harry Potter that she will readily say, “I will kill you!!” or “I will ask my father to cut your neck!!” – I am not kidding. If I had known she would pick all these hostile phrases up from Harry Potter, I would have banned her from ever watching it.

She has a bad habit that she’s picked up from her sister and that is to NOT wear her pyjamas to sleep. She may agree to wear the pyjama top but never the pants and if she is forced to wear her pyjama pants, she would roll it up right up to her crotch. She will also throw a hissing fit if you did not allow her to wear what she chose to go out in or bring her accessory of the day. Another quirk of hers is holding her favourite object of the day to sleep. Apart from her bear, she will bring all sorts of tiny rubbish to bed; this could be a tiny toy, or a piece of cardboard or paper, a ring, a tiny McDonald’s toy, you name it. As long as it is tiny and can be held in her little hands and she falls in love with it that day, she’d bring it to bed. Then we have learnt never to remove said object after she sleeps because she would wake in the middle of the night in search of it, and if she cannot find it, the entire household wakes up in search for it. No kidding.

The girl also MUST sleep in her hairbands. She has a collection of about 50 hairbands, mostly plastic and I’ve explained to her how not only uncomfortable it must be to sleep with a hard hair band but it is also dangerous because the hair band will move when she sleeps and sometimes the sharp edge of the hair band is 5 mm from her eyes!! But no, she MUST sleep with her hair band on. WTF. So now, if I ever see the hair band moved out of place, I will try to remove it gently. If she wakes, so be it. She’d just put it back on.

T2 is a pink princess. She loves anything pink and all things girly. We all love her dearly.

The end.

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