Wedding Rings

How many of you are still wearing your wedding ring?


Both my engagement ring and wedding ring no longer fit. A few years ago, I sent my diamond ring to Hong Kong (yes, I had to send it to Hong Kong because the wholesaler here that caters to all the jewellery houses here in KL comes from there, that’s why!) to get it resized. I was so worried that a different diamond ring would come back so I studied it really, really well and made sure that the certificate matched the diamond and phew, the right diamond returned.

A couple of years later, I can no longer fit into the enlarged diamond ring again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I’ve decided that I’m not going to enlarge it anymore because now that I’m a Mother, I need a mothers rings instead. However, I need one with a new diamond. One with the DIAMOND enlarged, not the ring size…….the ring size would naturally be larger since I’m now a Mother, no?

It has been long due. I deserve a Mother’s Ring……3 Carat would be the right size. Do you have any idea how much a 3 Carat diamond ring costs? Take a guess….


Can you imagine wearing a small apartment on your finger? Or 5 years of school fees? PAINFUL!!! If I had that amount of money to burn, I’d rather feed the children of Myanmar. Personal choice.

Bye-Bye diamond ring…..

*the Hubs doing a Happy Dance*

Until he hears of my next plan to planning a Round The World Trip for the 4 of us……

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