Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

The Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is the most beautiful sanctuary of peace in Yangon. It is so big that it is almost like a village in its own right. You could spend hours and hours there just doing nothing, wandering around inhaling the calm and serenity of holiness.

I was really fascinated that the peak of the Schwedagon Pagoda is made from real jewels, which means that if you really wanted to get a ladder and climb to the peak, you could STEAL THOSE JEWELS!!! Which is exactly what would happen in Malaysia!!!

But not here. Yangon people walk on the streets with thousands of US dollars of cash openly in black garbage bags and they do not get robbed.

The city is as safe as safe could be. People are so humble and honest and the Schwedagon Pagoda is the last place one would think of doing anything otherwise.

It is a MUST VISIT for anyone who visits Yangon.

A beautiful sea of holiness…….

I felt myself return to my core self – the soul that we often lose in our day to day lives.

And there were SO MANY Buddhas of all shapes, colours and sizes that we even found a chocolate Buddha!! I wanted to lick him!!!


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