Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition

I don’t want to blow T1’s horn at all but shit, I am so frigging proud of her for winning a Silver Award for the prestigious Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition that garnered more than 11,000 entries world wide this year!!!!!!!!! Most of the participants ranged from ages 12 and above but my T1, being 8 when she wrote it, won a Silver Award.

The highest writing competition I ever won was a National Writing Competition organised by Shell and I was 16 then. I also wrote something for the News Straits Times as a teenager but look at my T1 – 8 years old, and she has put her name on an international stage.

I AM SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

She said, “Damn, why didn’t I win the GOLD!!!?????”

Maybe next year, T1. Maybe next year.

She also just missed qualifying for the SEA Games Chess. This really does make me sound like a kiasu Mom, doesn’t it? If you knew me, you would know. You would know how I do not ask anything from my kids academically only that they are polite and kind and respect their elders with good manners.


But such is life that there will be envy…….as always.

T2 still can’t read if it is any consolation. She may not read till she’s 10! But I still love her more than ever and am not asking her to at all. Each child to their own.

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  1. wow congrats T1 and well done!!! i’m beaming too – this is a huge thing and please shout out more!!! my kids doesnt like to read and i dont blame them coz i’m not exactly a role model here and yes, to each its own! 😉

    so proud of T1!

  2. Awesome job, T1! That competition sounds familiar, and I think I did enter it last time, but I didn’t win so much as a mouse whisker!:)

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