Myanmar, here we come again!

Every time I tell T1 that we are going to Yangon, her eyes open wide and I feel her heart fluttering. The girl absolutely loves it there. Why? Because she gets to spend one on one special time with Mama. And she gets to drink 100 Plus since the MD of 100 Plus gave her a can one day. We don’t allow her to drink it here. But of course, she also loves the Children of Myanmar………

She says that they are much nicer than children here, no offence to the kids here. She has seen with her own eyes how they live, how they eat, how they are so happy with so little, how they share, how they treat her like a Queen whenever she is there…..she knows how lucky she is, yet she doesn’t discount the fact that she really wants to help bring them to a better place. This time round, we will be bringing them some big ass bubbles for FUN!!!

Like this one here:

Yes, I’ve already ordered the bubbles solution and all the bubble wands from the supplier here and will transport them to the kids!

Just to be clear, I have not used a single cent that all of you have donated for these bubbles. These are coming out of my own pocket and from the kind heart of Mr Bubble Supplier – if you want to know where to get these awesome bubbles set that is set to get any kid excited, email me for info.

The money that we collected from the Children’s Bazaar that was raised for the Children of Myanmar is being used right now for their education. I mentioned earlier that the kids have written in their proposals on what they want to study? Yup, that’s where the money will go. Next year, we will have another bazaar to raise more funds for the kids until they can sustain themselves.

All renovation works have been completed now. They are as comfortable as we feel they can be and I will take photos when I am there. For now, I need to pack and plan for our workshop for the Children of Myanmar!!!


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