My Monday Morning

Organize presentation dates to a new big prospect.

Organize Box migration.

Organize delivery of stamped contract.

Manage staff to complete 3 months of company expenses.

Manage staff to complete letters to authority for VISA applications.

Design Presentation for big prospect above.

Design Advertisement for Australian Conference.

Roll out 70 CVs for another prospect.

Prepare company package for prospect.

Employee Appraisal.

Reviewed the Cash Flow for Malaysia.

Signed some supplier agreements.

Negotiated a drop in fees for car rentals.


The menu of the day has been organised by the Hubs. Yes, I’ve started pushing household responsibilities to him instead because heck, how can I do it all???? I have to pick kids up in between from school and that alone eats 2 hours of my time daily. I will trial a driver this week to assess if having a driver just to pick kids up will help me in any way. Will I get any more work done with a driver? 2 hours is a LOT of time for me to be driving and waiting, much rather have a driver so I can respond to emails and make calls etc.

Wish me luck. I so need it.

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