1. Charmaine

    PTL that you’re OK. What an ordeal for you and also for your family too. Please take care of your health and stress levels. We only have one chance.

  2. eeee

    Good to hear that you are fine. I am also curious, what was it that you felt was “kicking” you now and then in your stomach? Did the tests reveal it or the tests came up with nothing concrete?

  3. i will keep on praying for you and those friends whom i like (yeah, i’m so discriminating) to be healthy for a long long time to come. i don’t want to lose any of you. not yet. please take care. stop playing scramble in the middle of the night already.

  4. MIchelle Chow

    Glad all is well. Praise God. Did the tests tell u the cause of all the pain and kicking? take care

  5. Chia Sin

    I am glad to hear that you are fine. Please take good care of yourself. You need to be healthy and strong yourself in order to help others.

  6. tess

    Glad you are okay now and please don’t stress yourself so much. Take good care of yourself and May God Bless you Always.

  7. so glad that all came out well (sorry, have not been reading blogs for a while and didnt know about this). i had a similar encounter late last year but didnt stay at the hospital though. thank god all was alright but yes, the kids was always on my mind that time. *hugs*

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