Language fun in the car

T2 is almost 4 and is really good at her Bahasa because she communicates with our helper in getting her needs met. She has this game where she unknowingly expands her Malay vocabulary by asking us what everything under the sun is in Malay. She looks outside the window and randomly throws words at us and me and my helper have a race to see who can answer it first.

Today, she wanted to play it with T1 after we picked T1 up and T1a made fun of her saying, “Mom, whether I’m right or wrong, she wouldn’t even know if it was correct or not!?! Hahahaha!!!”

They continued playing. Then T1 whispered to me, “Let me test her. I’m going to say the wrong word. Sshhh.”

T2 asked, “what is tongue?”

T1 said, “Mata”

T2 protested, “No….I said, what is tongue!?”

T1 continued, “Mata!!”

T2 rolls her eyeballs. “It’s yidah!” and we burst into laughter and T2 starts getting angry because she thinks we are laughing at her in a bad way but in effect, she knows more than we think!

I then challenged the girls, hey, if this is going to be our current car game with over 50 words being revised/questioned, let’s add some spice and do it in French and Mandarin as well since T1 does those languages at school. Suddenly, T1 got excited. The moment we got home, she ran to search for an old scrapbook and said she wanted to start a word scrapbook dictionary in those 4 languages.

Cool! That would be education for me and T2 too.

Looking so forward to learning new vocabulary in other languages. So far she’s done all the colours of the rainbow and more….

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