I love green Once upon a time, she designed buildings and interiors of corporate offices and on the rare occasion, homes. Now, she cleans poop and is student of a patience management course. From the drawing board as a London Architect to the realities of Motherhood, she has certainly learned many lessons in humility. And then others.....

To succeed in the corporate world, first succeed with your kid as the happy boss. Seriously.

I love green

This blog is about Mamapumpkin: A crazy, kick-ass Mom who works full time juggling several jobs - the full-time paid job, the raising of her 2 kids (she gets paid in kind for this) and the volunteering job for various charity organisations and parenting websites. Needless to say, she gets very little sleep (3-5 hours per day, Margaret Thatcher who used to sleep 4 hours per day during her conservative career inspires this crazy lifestyle).

Mamapumpkin intends to change the working Mom landscape in Malaysia where working women can bring their children to the corporate office of a client and not be frowned upon.

I love green

She writes anything that comes out of her head, mostly without thinking first (since she already has to think at work!), which almost ALWAYS gets her into trouble (according to her husband, whom she considers the love of her life on a good day).

Her 2 pet monkeys drive her towards challenge after challenge, 24/ after day.....and interestingly, her parents are Muslim, her in-laws Buddhist, she's Catholic and her Hubs, an Atheist. She's thinking her kids should be Hindu, just to complete the rainbow religion cycle.

Gotta love it.

She'd love to hear from you : Mamapumpkin at gmail dot com

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Kota Bharu 2013

My girls love the kampung because Kong-Kong has such a big garden that they just go crazy in it. They don’t need toys, they don’t need electronics and just take every opportunity to run out into the garden to just run around and do nothing! For that, the Hubs and I do entertain thoughts on moving to Kota Bharu entirely and getting out of polluted KL, getting out of the pretentiousness that comes with KL society and leaving all the money behind. Life would be so much simpler in KB.

Some of the things the girls did over the Chinese New Year holidays in Kota Bharu:-

Water Plants




Getting a ride


Enjoying wide space


Playing play dough when I disallowed them to go out when it was too hot


Paint with Amah’s home grown vegetables – oh, yes!


Drew on concrete with chalk Рjust look at this princess! She gets her drink held for her whilst she draws. I would have just  told her to stuff it!


We had sprint races where I always won. Give chance? Not a chance, what in the world for?!


They got to see real frogs. Big frogs too! Hello? Please kiss me and I might turn into a Prince……


Hop around in their Cheong Sams……


Only 3 weeks before we are back in Kota Bharu again for Cheng Beng. Yay!

Am I busy? You bloody bet.

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