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To succeed in the corporate world, first succeed with your kid as the happy boss. Seriously.

I love green

This blog is about Mamapumpkin: A crazy, kick-ass Mom who works full time juggling several jobs - the full-time paid job, the raising of her 2 kids (she gets paid in kind for this) and the volunteering job for various charity organisations and parenting websites. Needless to say, she gets very little sleep (3-5 hours per day, Margaret Thatcher who used to sleep 4 hours per day during her conservative career inspires this crazy lifestyle).

Mamapumpkin intends to change the working Mom landscape in Malaysia where working women can bring their children to the corporate office of a client and not be frowned upon.

I love green

She writes anything that comes out of her head, mostly without thinking first (since she already has to think at work!), which almost ALWAYS gets her into trouble (according to her husband, whom she considers the love of her life on a good day).

Her 2 pet monkeys drive her towards challenge after challenge, 24/ after day.....and interestingly, her parents are Muslim, her in-laws Buddhist, she's Catholic and her Hubs, an Atheist. She's thinking her kids should be Hindu, just to complete the rainbow religion cycle.

Gotta love it.

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Journey to the Unknown – Yangon

Continuing from our trip to Yangon, we spent the first half of the morning buying some supplies for the orphanages, such as rice. I thought we were just going to buy like 2-3 packets of those 10kg bags we normally see in the local supermarkets in KL that we can’t even finish in a month because we eat so little rice but I was in for a shock. What ELSE do poor people eat BUT rice???

We stopped by at the rice sundry shop and T1 was so fascinated that just beside the shop was a huge monsoon kind of drain that housed life ducks! Real ducks that we could actually touch as they were so close by. Needless to say she stood outside oggling those ducks like watching sex for the first time whilst the rest of us hurried in to investigate what a Myanmar sundry shop looked like and had. For starters, not much.

They stored oodles of rice out in the open in huge buckets as below. Aside from that, just some dried food supplies, some usual grocery stuff and definitely Thanaka, which is a yellow powder made from a certain type of tree bark or root that is trademark to the Myanmar people.

When we first arrived, we saw the women at the airport with it. I thought it was badly put foundation as they did not smoothen it out at all – patchy and uneven. But as we spread our geographical breadth, I realised every woman had it on their faces and even the men! They wear it to keep their skins cool!!!

See the boy’s face above? That’s Thanaka powder. Almost everyone from Myanmar have their faces like that. We tried convincing T1 to try it and even offered to buy some home for her to try but she was so resistant yet when we finally arrived in KL and she was feeling hot, she said she wished she had some Thanaka.

These were the bags of rice that we bought. I could NOT lift them. We only bought a few. I believe the men had trouble lifting them too. Ahem.

So after the shame of being unable to lift the bags of rice with one hand, our friend in Myanmar, a very tall Swiss guy, decided to show off his manhood by replicating one of the Myanmar men hanging out of our truck. T1 wanted to try it too – over my dead body.

We were loving our ride to the orphanages…….

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