Day One in Yangon – Trip 2

Thus began our 2nd trip to Yangon less than 4 months later but already so much work done.

So damn bloody inspiring.

We woke up again at 3am to catch the Air Asia to Yangon and a big boo to Air Asia for NOT assisting us to waive the extra baggage allowance in bringing supplies to the Children of Myanmar (I’d written to them asking for a baggage waiver and followed up persistently till the very end). It turned out we were 7 bloody kilos overweight and had to fork out an additional RM350 just for that. This is on top of the 6 air fares we’d already paid them for this trip with full baggage fees, not to mention the many other visitors to Yangon whom we’ve inspired to make a trip to Yangon to. Boo Air Asia. Boo indeed.


Well, at least they were not delayed and I met the most wonderful Myanmar friend on board who sat beside me. He worked in a factory in Batu Pahat doing Quality Control for a huge Multinational company. We chatted the entire journey about what life was like for him working in Batu Pahat, what the company was like, how they employed people, etc and his own life in Myanmar. He was going back home for holiday to see his family and after that conversation, I fell in love with Myanmar all over again. By the way, he did not speak English but could converse in Bahasa. I got his number and told him that if he ever needed any help in Malaysia, he could call on me. Likewise, I told him about our work in Myanmar.

I think we both prayed for each other that night. His name was Myo Zaw Oo. He taught me my first 7 phrases in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, T1 was fiddling with her camera in preparation for her trip. Her plan was to take as many pictures and videos as possible so she could make a mini video to tell the story of the Children of Myanmar. All I could think of was, Oh dear…..what would the Children of Myanmar think when they see this little Malaysian girl with her OWN camera????!!!!

I did not buy her that camera. It was Uncle Ben’s old camera that he’d handed down to her but yet I didn’t waste any time worrying about it.

After all, everything is about perspective, and in reality, we were there to help the Children of Myanmar so if they saw T1 with her own camera, well, that is something they could aspire to, earning their own camera, and that is what exactly we went to Myanmar to do – to inspire the the kids, to go further in life, to make something of their future.


Mingalabar Myanmar!


At arrivals, we were standing right behind the current American Ambassador, Paul Jones and his family. Little did I know but felt honoured to be beside such accomplished blood, and the only reason I knew was because some Malaysian from another queue came up to introduce himself to them.


They were meant to be at the Diplomat’s queue so T1 asked why they weren’t. Well, there was nobody serving the diplomat’s queue and my guess is that they came in undercover anyway…….Haha…..


After immigration clearing, we queued to change money from USD to Kyat and then got called to open our boxes. Fark.

I guess the sand art didn’t go down well on the screens. Sand can pass of as drugs after all so we sent T1, the boss, to speak to them.


It’s really sand art, Sir. It’s very fun. You want me to show you?


It worked! And soon we were whisked off into a large van that could accommodate our boxes.


As soon as we dropped the boxes off at the hotel, we were picked up and brought straight to the Children of Myanmar workshop held in one of the homes that we support. What an amazingly BUMPY ride it was. The roads were SO BAD!!!


They had already started and were singing the MAD theme rap song when we arrived.


And again, in true Myanmar spirit, T1, my little trooper, was offered a seat whilst everyone else sat and squeezed on the floor.


They were packed very cozily in there because all 3 homes were brought together under one roof, only the kids above 15, to participate in this motivational workshop organised by one of our MAD team members.


The aim of the workshop was to teach every teenager that they had an identity. Who am I? What am I? What do I want? What do I represent? The kids were so receptive and I was SO proud of them.


They were each made to write about themselves on the front of their placards and to write their dreams on the back of them. Their dreams for Myanmar……….


Eileen has really done a good job with them because they were confident teenagers with hope despite coming from such ill backgrounds – I mean, being a child soldier one minute and then working towards being Prime Minister and actually believing it can happen?


Powerful stuff, I tell ya. How often do you see children in depressed conditions so full of life and hope? These same children were able to present to an audience of which many were people they were seeing for the first time. Yet they were able to speak up and speak out. It blew my mind away.


There was a Q&A after the session.


And I spotted my little T1 seated and holding hands with one of the participants.


The kids were so positive.


T1 with the younger kids who lived at the home but not part of the workshop due to age but they were so curious nonetheless and observed quietly.


After the positively charged workshop. They all have an identity in their hearts. They are somebody and they are together somebodies with dreams, big dreams, as we have for them too. Can you spot T1?


The kids are always so kind to T1, and she truly does love them too.


T1 was always holding someone’s hand. She shares her love and together, we shall become 2 Nations 1 Heart.


After the workshop, we had lunch with the Children of Myanmar and then headed back to the hotel to sort out the clothes and stationery for the next day.


Before we could even have time for a shower, it was time to go out for dinner by the lake Inya…..


Super hungry after a full day since 3am and no nap. Super dirty too.


Dinner – our favourite century egg salad. So bloody yum!


A very good deep fried fish.


And some cauliflower…..dinner cost RM60 for the 7 of us. We also had a soup and 2-3 other dishes.


Back after dinner at the hotel, T1 was presented with a blue paper machete elephant made by children of Myanmar who had polio.

Such an eventful first day in Yangon that began at 3am.


If there is one random act of kindness that you would like to offer this month, please give some money to the Children of Myanmar. I am committed to building their lives till they can sustain themselves. Please help me help them.

Just RM10 into my bank account and an email (mamapumpkin at gmail dot com) informing me of your name and contact details.


My bank details below:-

Name: Patricia Woo


HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd, Menara Milenium Branch

Savings Account: 359 – 068285 – 025

Swift Code: HBMB MYKL



Savings Account: 1644 – 9025 – 6705

Swift Code: MBBE MYKL


PayPal Account: patsywoo at gmail dot com


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  1. where’s the pic of the century egg dish? T1 is going to grow up to have such a huge heart, so much compassion! Good stuff!! Bravo to you and your hard working team.

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