Watching Suits

Ever since we returned from Penang, we’ve been watching Suits, the Hubs and I, and I love it! It is as good a legal TV series as real life Dallas Family Law and it makes me wonder why I never did become a lawyer myself. I remember back in the day, all my uncles and aunties used to say I was born to be a lawyer and I used to tell them at the age of 10 that there were plenty lawyers already in the world and then they would say, ahhh…..but not a lot of GOOD lawyers. Honestly, the thought of mugging miles and miles of books just through me off completely. I’d much rather have spent my time having FUN.

There are all sorts of cases in Suits ranging from corporate tussles to accidental claims to property fights to divorce. And then there is all the DRAMA and the HUMOUR which I love so much. There are affairs and how men keep their affairs at bay, it is almost like a CIA investigation show sometimes. If you looked at the Denton┬ádivorce lawyers case files, you would know what I mean. How do you know if your husband is having an affair? How do you CATCH your husband after knowing he’s having an affair? Honestly, most women are not able to remain calm and keep it secret, but actually you must.

What about Denton family law? Imagine a large family fighting over a family estate? Gosh, am I familiar with those! It is amazing how people get so greedy in this world and would sacrifice love and family for money and wealth. Where are their priorities? Honestly, after you go to Myanmar and see starving children, you would reassess your priorities and put the lawyers out of business but when will that realistically happen? Probably never, so in the meantime, the lawyers are there to assist!


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