The Smell of Chinese New Year

Today, I was reminded that CNY was just a blink away and I started panicking! I haven’t even thought that far ahead yet we were catching a plane already next week!


New clothes!

Ang Pow packets!

Cash to Withdraw!


Shopping for in-laws!

Clearing the fridge before we leave!

Preparation for the arrival of our new helper!


All this on top of my already very, VERY busy schedule with work and kids.

I then stopped to think what Chinese New Year was for my kids………..


An aeroplane ride

Time with their grandparents in hot, sunny Kota Bharu

Wearing new ‘Chinese’ clothes

Carrying a little bag each for Ang Pow collection

Lots of fun with Mommy and Daddy in the garden

Wishing everyone with rehearsed lines and actions

Eating customary CNY food

Over-dosing on Amah’s cookies


Is that it?

Is it enough?

In my day, Chinese New Year was so many things.

Just one, was the smell of love letters (kuih kapit). There we were squatted on concrete floors chatting and laughing whilst we helped Aunty M watch the hot iron moulds that held the soon to be crispy, aromatic love letters. Repeated warnings not to go to near the fire and hot fingers from attempting to fold freshly cooked batter were just some of the memories I have of my childhood Chinese New Year…………..

What about you?


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  1. aiyo.. myself also haven’t start.. this year didn’t got plan to do love letters also..

    Happy holiday and happy celebrating!

  2. New helper again? Eh, thought you just hired a Filipina maid? You also have an English nanny who comes right? Ever since I started an online store biz, CNY means = REST for me, coz I am so so busy other time of the year haha! Have an enjoyable CNY and wishing you a very very good dragon year this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cute post! My childhood memories are actually roast pork coz my Ahma orders 2 whole pigs for prayers on the eve and distributes them among neighbours on Day 1.

    Now? Definitely mother-in-law’s cooking and her home-made cookies. When we were dating, I used to lie to her that cookies A, B and C were Hubby’s favourites just so I’d get 3 big tins to cart home each ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Of course, she’s smart and she knows her son’s taste LOL

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

  4. I miss reunion dinner with my own family cos my mum’s cooking is out of this world. Now I have to be contented with my maid’s dishes and a couple of other stuff tapau-ed. Blek.

  5. i think most of us who has just started getting our life on track after the d previous holiday, kids starting school issue, are getting panic already when CNY is just a week away by now. But then, the CNY *wind smell* is kinda getting us excited right?

  6. Thank u for reminding abt the fridge haha.. Well this yr we r celebrating out of twn too.. Good luck with all the ‘assignments’ b4 flying.. Same here haha…

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