The Power of Internet Marketing

So many organisations are late in jumping on the bandwagon and marketing themselves via the internet. It is truly amazing. With individuals, I totally understand. After all, there is a whole generation out there who just REFUSE to learn technology. They lack confidence and freeze when anyone even suggests that they learn how to email. Seriously. I know a whole generation of women in their 60s who do not use the internet. They won’t even learn!!!

At the same time though, my aunty who’s close to 70 now, moves around with a Blackberry and emails and chats all day long with her super busy schedule running from one charity organisation to another! She even organises alumni dinners for her previous University (which I share) and is very, very tech savvy. RESPECT!

Some organisations just don’t want to spend the money on internet marketing but hello, look around you! Practically everyone is on the internet today and schools are actually grooming kids from very early on how to use technology. Heck, even babies are onto the iPads, what are we saying?!

If companies want to get across that hurdle and bring in the buck, they could start with It will give them some ideas on how they could get to a wider audience, reduce their internal costs and streamline their processes.

Another area people always underestimate is their websites. For the mere fact that everyone is online today, don’t you think a website is important? And if you have one, make it work! Studies have shown that it takes 8 seconds on a new website to make an impression. If your website doesn’t do that, chances are that visitor would never come back. Just ask internet marketing Dallas how SEO works. They’d be able to show you WHY you need to optimise your website’s SEO for better business. Totally better business!

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