Me Time

This has been written from the iPhone so I’m not going to be anal about the English errors! Frig! Typing this on the iPhone is hard! I can’t see much, just few words here and there so if it comes out completely wrong, c’est la putain!

I have been blessed recently to be sent away for work and although it is the first time I have ever been away from my kids for so long, I now recommend Stay At Home Moms, ALL moms actually, to take time out at least once a year (more if you can!), to book yourselves into a hotel for 2 days (heck, a week if you can but I know that is bloody unrealistic) as it will completely rejuvenate you.

I have been away from my lovely kids whom I truly love from the bottom of my anus heart, and I have had video sessions with them every night and although I have been working my ass off during the day and night, I have had pockets of ME TIME!!!

I have a suite with a jacuzzi (which I never used), a wonderfully huge ass shower room (so lovely when you can wipe yourself in warmth before exiting into freezing air-conditioning!) with the largest rain shower I’ve ever seen where I luxuriate in self cleaning with peaceful fragrance. I have had time to read without interruptions, watch the news, enjoy my meals in quiet, spend 4 hours at the spa leaving me completely rejuvenated and blissful; and although my wonderful boss advised me to spa every night, I didn’t because there was so much else that I wanted to do, like catch up with friends over the email and Facebook, and simply just enjoy my ME TIME doing absolutely nothing.

Blessed and recharged!!!

I even work at night in the suite yet it has been such a happy time for me. My kids miss me, for sure, and so does the hubs (Bwahahahaha….though he may not admit it! I did ask how he was enjoying life without my presence and he said it was boring), but I get to see them via the home CCTV and so I know they are safe.

I cannot recommend it enough to you moms. Book yourselves into a hotel room for one night at the very minimum and just chill with your own soul, find yourself again, and return home to being the best Mom that you could ever be.

Trust me.

When I get home, I’m going to tell the Hubs that I’m checking into a hotel locally 4 times a year. Woohoo! Yay, me!!!

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  1. Hotel booked for me time. Booked. Dec 14th and 15th. I can’t agree enough! ๐Ÿ™‚

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