Foul language from my toddler

We’re not exactly Saints in this household so to hear the Hubs say the F word and Shut Up and Asshole and Stupid and Idiot etc etc etc is not uncommon. I have been warning him to mind his foul mouth but it falls on deaf ears as he has a temper.

T1 is very good because she knows the bad words from the good and refrains from saying any bad words or phrases but T2? I’ve heard her say Dammit and Shut Up, but lately, she has been spewing out the following phrases whenever she gets angry:

Wingardium Leviosa!

How DARE you say that??!!!

You LIAR!!!


For the longest time, I’d been meaning to tell the Hubs off for causing this upon my child but because I saw so little of him already and old age causes short memories, it had not happened yet. I certainly don’t say those things, so she must’ve learnt it from him!

And then suddenly one day, I heard those exact phrases from the Harry Potter DVD she was watching and BANG! That is exactly where she’s picked it up from and since that day, all the Harry Potter DVD’s went out the window. Damage control.

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  1. oopss.. I caught my princess scolding the puppy.. ‘stupid dog’ too just a few days ago.. :p

  2. lol! why is it that fathers cant control the bad words eh? i used to swear a whole lot too before the little people came but have controlled a fair bit since they came. my girls had mentioned “shit” and “ff….” before and it takes me forever to correct them. haha. but there is the “stupid” that comes now and then. anyway, i foresee us swearing a lot in the future when they’re adults. 🙂

  3. This is very funny! I find myself at times saying things such as, ‘HajafajamajaFFFF’. And sometimes, these non-existant words get picked up in my household. It is very funny to hear a young child say, “Bidomafahastupidmafajahahaha!’ But even funnier to be asked what that means! Thanks for sharing this!

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