Dream Board from T1 (almost 8 years old!!!)

Recently, at my Eat Well Class, I was supposed to design a Dream Board or whatever you want to call it…..some people call it a Mood Board, some people call it a Pin Board, it’s essentially a board put together of nice things, all the nice things that you want in life in the shorter or longer term. The belief is that if you see and visualise your board every day, it will remind you of all the things that you want and to stay focused in achieving what you really want.

So off we headed to the shops, a RM100 investment to buy 2 A2 boards (one for myself and one for my T2), some pins for the board, ribbons and magazines. Why magazines? Because we have NONE at home. NONE.

We spent a lovely afternoon just creating and cutting and pasting. It was so fun, a real Mommy-Daughter project. I did my thing, she did hers and there was no clash-over. It was awesome.

This is the result of hers which completely blew me away because I was expecting something totally different, one filled with cool toys and gadgets, cool clothes and shoes, cool holidays and cool stuff. Y’know??? Stuff that a typical 8 year old would want and desire!! But no. My T1, who’s obviously way mature beyond her years, did this:

In it are phrases such as:-

Be Kind (MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Count Your Blessings (which she saw from Mama’s phone on WhatsApp and copied)

Smile Always (which Daddy should learn!)

Life is Good (I think she got it from LG but it really belongs to San Francisco Coffee)

Good Habits (learnt from Eat Well Class – T1 has followed me to them on occasion)

Eat Right (again from Eat Well Class)

Try Your Best Always (something Nana instilled in me so I’ve passed it down)

Be Happy (something I try to drill into people in general)

Study Hard (something I nag her to do every month)

Be Friend (this was supposed to be Befriend Everyone but she couldn’t find the right phrase from the magazines, this is something I teach her because there are girls in school who bully her whom she doesn’t like but I tell her that she should be friends with them any way because she’d win them over with her kindness one day. When people do bad things to you, they usually have a problem and they want a reaction from you so don’t react. Just be nice. If things get seriously out of hand, tell a teacher and/or tell Mommy. Mommy will charge in to chop their heads off. *grins*)

Go Green (from school no doubt)

Time Waits for No Girl (she learnt the idiom Time Waits for No Man in school but customised it to her own)

Time is Money (must be from hearing Daddy moan and groan – LOL)

Try to Be 1st For Everything (that’s her natural inborn competitive streak)

Love Yourself (I taught her that when she was 3 years old)

T1 says the top part isn’t yet finished as she is still to draw and colour in clouds and rain and rainbows. Without the rain, how can you get a rainbow, right??? Amazing. I am truly amazed that my girl is thinking in such a way that I never expected. I certainly wasn’t when I was eight.

She also has the car with the green leaves coming out of its exhaust that she drew and pasted herself. Seashells are a representation of the beach, which she loves and of course, she loves blue cupcakes and her family. She truly LOVES her family.

Honestly, this puts me to absolute shame because in my own dream board, there is a picture of a 3 carat diamond ring, HAHAHA…..!!!!

Go google Dream Boards and get one started today!

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  1. I see pornO at the bottom. Kakakkaka. Btw, my whatsap tarak guna jor, heard fr sy that u sent messages?

  2. Apart from the diamond ring, your board has chocolates, no????? Mine would have the Thermomix!

  3. Thats a fantastic board! I should get my boy to do it – I hope it’s not all trains and Transformers LOL

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