Mother Daughter Love

Little does she know it, but I love her more than anything else in this world……

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  1. This has nothing to do with your current post…. but thought that I’ll comment here since it’s the first!

    I seriously cannot believe that you paid RM2100 for a part-time maid! And that she poopoo-ed this job summore! I’m sure THAT expat do not pay for the maid himself/herself. Otherwise will not be like that one lah.
    Yup. I hate people who spoil the market.

    Actually hor, sometimes… these expats are in-fact ‘hurting’ the maid. Unless the maid is very lucky to find alternative high-paying employment after the expat leaves, the maid will be so used to having an unrealistic pay that no-one will hire her.

    Had a case of two maids with high pay who INSISTED that they MUST work together as a team, and poopoo-ed available jobs. Not everyone will WANT two maids… even when people offered separate jobs to them, they turned down. Until finally… they were WILLING to be separated. But by then, people already find other maids liow lah….

    I could go on and on about maids… but then I would hijack your blog liow…

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