My graduation

My graduation from University College London was a quiet affair with only my then boyfriend attending. Why did my parents not attend it? They either couldn’t be bothered or were too busy fighting over their divorce. Nevertheless it was a happy occasion for me as I celebrated it with my best friend, Sam, whose birthday happens to be tomorrow! Happy Birthday Sam! I will lookout for you tomorrow…….

There is a rumour from jealous ladies from my school time who have gone around saying that I did not graduate. I’m not sure why anyone would do that. First of all, despite the fact that I was all popular and playful in school (and always got the best guys, perhaps that is why?), I was the last to come close to failing in exams. My grades had been pretty consistent (and just to blow my own horn, I got a C3 for Bahasa and that was my worst subject for SPM) so why would I fail at University?

This story has arrived at my doorstep till today. Many of our mutual friends would ask, “You didn’t really graduate, right?” And I’d be like….“I absolutely did. Would you like to see my certificate? Better still, why don’t you give the University of London a call with my name and let them tell you how well I did.” But if I were to ask them why they would think that, they would never give me a straight answer and thus, I never was able to find the source of that rumour.

At times like this, I feel I should have invited everyone to my graduation so that these rumours stop. Or I should have sent out photo graduation announcements so people knew. But then again, do I really care if they know or not. Honestly, who really cares…..if the people who love me know, who cares about those horrid low-lifes who are always out to bring you down.

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  1. You don’t need to show your certificate to know you’ve graduated. Neither do you need small-minded friends who have no faith in you. Life is too short, get rid of the lot.

    I’ve got a basic degree, and I guess two Master’s degree. One in Business and the other in Martial Arts. It seems in the last few years I’ve been trying to strategically downplay both. It’s sometimes wise not to show your hand when you’ve got a winning combination.

    You keep sane there, Mama Pumpkin.

    The Original SuperParent

  2. Did you know that its better that divorced parents didn’t attend the graduation? Otherwise you would have to choose who to invite for the ceremony and the one who is left out would think he/she didn’t play a role in your graduation ie. financially or emotionally.

    Congrats !!

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